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  • safety is the foundation of the department's mission, and that takes on new meaning.


  • Amid this pandemic, we have to ensure that all of our transportation systems, our aviation in public transit, our railways, roads, ports, our waterways and pipelines all of it has managed safely in this critical period as we work to defeat the virus for good.


  • We also have a lot of work to do to improve the infrastructure in this country, a mission that will not only keep more people safe but will grow our economy as we look to the future.


  • Now is the time, and I believe we have a real chance to deliver for the American people.


  • We need to build our economy back better than ever, and the Department of Transportation can play a central role in this.


  • I believe good transportation policy can play no less a role than making possible the American dream, getting people and goods to where they need to be directly and indirectly creating good paying jobs.


  • But I also recognize that at their worst, misguided policies and missed opportunities in transportation can reinforce racial and economic inequality by dividing or isolating neighborhoods and undermining governments.


  • Basic role of empowering Americans to thrive.


  • So much is at stake today, and so much is possible as our country works to emerge from the crises of this moment with bipartisan appetite for a generational opportunity to transform and improve America's infrastructure.


  • So the chance to lead this department at this historic moment is not one that I take lightly.


  • And if confirmed, I promised to bring the same sense of duty and commitment that led me to serve my hometown is mayor and the motivated me to serve our country in the Navy Reserve, conclude Chairman Wicker.


safety is the foundation of the department's mission, and that takes on new meaning.



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B1 中級 中文 交通 基礎 機會 作用 經濟 安全

布特吉格說,美國必須改善其基礎設施。 (U.S. must improve its infrastructure, Buttigieg says)

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