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  • Hi, I'm the Star Goddess and here's how to figure out what your Moon sign is. The Moon

  • in astrology rules your emotions and feelings. It's a very important planet and because it

  • moves one degree every two hours it changes signs every two and a half days. The only

  • way to calculate your moon sign is with an Ephemeris, the table of planetary motion.

  • It is done by the Jet Propulsion Lab and it chronicles the minute movements of each one

  • of the twelve planets, each one of the ten planets and through each one of the twelve

  • signs. The way you figure it out, is you pick a date. Mat our producer is born on February

  • first, nineteen eighty five. So we turn to nineteen eighty five, we look at the month

  • of February. The left hand side are the days of the week, across the top are the ten different

  • planets. The first one is the sun, the second two are the moon. So we look down and we see

  • that his sun is in Aquarius and his moon sign is Gemini which makes him mutable, sparkling,

  • witty and bright. The critical thing about finding a moon sign is remembering that sometimes

  • the moon changes signs during the day because it moves so quickly. If you need to figure

  • out what that is, you come down to the bottom of the Ephemeris on the second part of the

  • page and you'll see that it gives the exact moment in time the moon changes from one sign

  • of the Zodiac to the other. So now you know what your moon sign is. You can get a better

  • understanding of what your wants and needs are and what you need to do to get those needs

  • met. So that's better living through Astrology. I'm Janet Sciales the Star Goddess.

Hi, I'm the Star Goddess and here's how to figure out what your Moon sign is. The Moon


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占星術:如何找到你的星座月相? (Astrology : How to Find Your Astrological Moon Sign)

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