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  • Yeah.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 fights on Primal.


  • For this list will be looking over the best and most brutal bouts to come out of Gandhi.


  • Tartakovsky is latest animated masterwork.


  • Prepare yourselves for savagery and spoilers ahead.


  • And if you've got a favorite Dino death from the Siri's, let us know in the comments.


  • Number 10.


  • Lula versus Head, which, while not the most a brewery ISS battle, you'll find a missed prime als brutal cannon.


  • This one is built on tragedy and redemption over the course of the episode, sympathetic, which Lula peers into the memories of Spear, Fang and eventually herself.


  • When we learn that all three have lost their Children feeling a kinship with the creatures her coven, er set to sacrifice, Lula saves the caveman and his dinosaur at the last second, earning the wrath of the all powerful head, which, in the process, sad as it may be to see such an intriguing character go her reuniting with her daughter in the afterlife was nonetheless beautiful to watch.


  • Number nine Spear and Fang versus Mammoth Herd moral of the story do not mess with mammoths because they will crush you like few can.


  • After Spear and Fang kill their aged comrade for its meat and for the remaining heard hunts them down, leading to a desperate bid for survival amongst a blizzard.


  • In spite of their nimbleness and ferocity, the pair are flexed on repeatedly, with each mammoth taking their turn to head butt them into oblivion.


  • If not for spear returning the deceased tusk, it's clear they would not have lived to see the sunrise.


  • A lesson well learned.


  • Oh, Number eight Spear and Fang versus Mega Spider Capping off the trilogy of beasts under the Blood Moon, we have the giant spider lurking inside the heart of the mountain, one large enough to even Web up someone like Fang three.

    哦,八號矛和方三對巨型蜘蛛 為血月下的野獸三部曲畫上句號,我們有潛伏在山心內的巨型蜘蛛,這隻蜘蛛大到連方三這樣的人都能網起來。

  • Apparent commander of the giant bats The Crimson Iraq need proved sturdy enough to pummel and restrain a fully grown T.


  • Rex.


  • Yeah, thankfully, Spear escapes has webbed prison just in time to come to her aid.


  • Now, armed with the remains of a triceratops horn, turns out webs or useless when you've got a bone spike shoved through your brain thing.


  • Number seven spear and Fang versus Night feeder one of the few creatures in this crazy world to fill our duo with abject fear.

    七號長矛和方對陣夜行者 在這個瘋狂的世界裡,很少有生物能讓我們的二人組充滿恐懼。

  • This invisible hunter stocked and slew practically every living thing and encountered on its nightly hunts.


  • Given how it could slice a herd of triceratops in half, Spear and Fang had every right to be afraid, at least until they discovered the unseen predator had a fear of its own light.


  • Turning the tide against their predator.


  • Spear uses early man's greatest asset to trap the night feeder inside a ring of fire before finally putting it out of its misery.


  • Number six Spear and Fang versus Men bats.


  • What's worse than dealing with a horde of giant monsters on the ground, ones that can attack from the sky, obviously preying on a tribe of defenseless Neanderthal thes bats are bloodthirsty and relentless in their pursuits.

    有什麼比在地面上對付一群巨大的怪物更糟糕的呢,那些可以從天空中攻擊的怪物,顯然是在掠奪一個毫無防備的尼安德特人的部落... ...蝙蝠是嗜血的,在他們的追求中是無情的。

  • And given their aerial advantage, you'd think they'd easily be able to pick off Spear and Fang.


  • You'd be dead wrong, are lied.


  • Duo absolutely slaughter the winged menaces with spear leaping off of them mid air and stabbing them on the way down.


  • Yeah, yeah.


  • As for Fang, well, she goes full Super Mario, Number five spear and fang versus infected Argentina saurus.


  • Mm, yeah, Mhm.


  • Granted, this isn't so much a duel to the death as it is.


  • Oh, my God, What is that run for your life After an innocent Argentina Saurus is bitten by a Paris or awful ISS suffering some strange manner of infection, it quickly decays until it's basically a colossal sized zombie, one that Onley seeks to destroy, considering it massacred its own herd.


  • Spear and Fang are given no other choice but to get the hell out of Dodge, even if it means crossing volcanic Kaiser's a journey that the zombified SORA pod does not survive.


  • While it's without a doubt the scariest beast the to have encountered thus far, it's also the biggest victim.


  • Number four Spear and Fang versus Raptor.


  • When you kick off your episode with a cave man riding a T rex across a vast plain in order to escape a legion of raptors, you know you're in for a hell of a time.


  • Yeah, pursued by the iconic predators, all spearing Franken due to survive is just keep moving forward while occasionally pulling off some mad combos that leave the Raptors a little worse for wear whether by the tip of his weapon or buy her all powerful jaws.


  • By the time they escaped the hunting ground, the to have left quite a trail of bodies in their wake.


  • Yeah, Number three Spear and Fang vs Wild Dogs with fangs still grievously injured from her battle with the ape men, Both she and Spear find themselves stocked by scavengers, ones with a lot of patients, empty bellies and in shocking numbers, yeah, backed into a corner by the primordial dogs literally scratching at the door.


  • It falls to spear to protect his new comrade or go out swinging, but not before improvising a little and creating a set of knuckle dusters made from spiked insect shells.


  • I have those dogs really had no idea who they were messing with.


  • Yeah, Number two, Spear and Fang versus Tyrannosaurus is divided by species united in their fury.


  • While on the warpath.


  • Following his family's murder at the teeth of a pack of T.


  • Rex Spear encounters Fang and her adorable offspring Onley for them to be eaten by the same Dino's heartbroken and vengeful, the two grieving parents butcher their way through their assailants, using everything at their disposal Have you played setting the tone for the violence to come?


  • We knew we were in for something special when we saw Spear smashing a T Rex's legs with a rock.

    當我們看到Spear用石頭砸T Rex的腿時,我們就知道有特別的事情發生了。

  • Yeah, while also watching Fang rip off its snout with one bite Before we continue, be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos.


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  • Number one Spear versus Krog Gandhi Tartakovsky is a mad genius on Lee.


  • He could conjure up something this equally gory and sublime, with the eight men's champion beating Fang to near Death.


  • Spear has no other option but to ingest the same concoction that turned the A pinto a monster.


  • The're result.


  • He transforms into a hulking creature capable of pummeling Krog and the rest of his tribe into mulch.


  • He literally rips the apes arms off before beating him to death with them.


  • But, hey, that's what you get from messing with Fang.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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