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  • Hi I am the Star Goddess and here is the key to understanding your Libra man. The most

  • important thing you have to know about Libra men is that they are indecisive. It is not

  • that they want to be indecisive. They are because Libra is the sign of balance. Libras

  • like to take in information, weigh it out and if the scales tip dynamically one way

  • or the other then they have a really easy decision but if all things are equal, rather

  • than make the wrong decision the Libra man would rather make no decision at all rather

  • taking a chance on missing the wrong one. So they will hang on the fence until the cows

  • come home waiting for an outside force to tip the scales. The most important thing you

  • can do for a Libra man is to look good because that is the most important thing to them.

  • They are very elegant, they are very charming, they are very well bred and they are very

  • polite. A Libra man won't tell you what you have done wrong .If you ask a Libra man how

  • does this outfit make me look, the Libra man would look at you very delicately and say

  • you know that would be more flattering in black rather than coming out blurting like

  • a Virgo would saying man it makes your butt look big. Libra men want to be in a partnership.

  • They do not exit a relationship until they have another one lined up. So the key to dealing

  • with a Libra man is to prove to him that you are a team player and you are on his side

  • and you have his back. If you do that that Libra man will provide you with everything

  • you ever hoped for. So that's how to deal with a Libra man. I'm Janet Sciales the Star

  • Goddess and that's better living through astrology.

Hi I am the Star Goddess and here is the key to understanding your Libra man. The most


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星座:瞭解天秤座男人 (Astrology : Understanding Libra Men)

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