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  • We have a really great show lined up here. The topic is the element of Air!

  • Air is connected to our mind -- it's about communication and the fact that we humans;

  • think! Yes, think -- maybe some of us don't do a

  • lot of our own thinking but that's because the mind is so easily distracted -- and always

  • moving from one place to another... just like the air outside -- the air in nature.

  • But that's because our minds are always looking for something new -- like a breath of fresh

  • Air! Ha! In our lives, the element Air represents the

  • conversations we have with people, what we read and learn, our sense of humor, our relationships

  • (that's a big one), who and how we socialize, and what connects us as people. It's all about

  • connections! Air symbolizes people who are journalists,

  • writers, diplomats, comedians, and idealists who make a statement in the world. Some really

  • great people have been born under an Air sign. People like Gandi, Lincoln, Mozart, and Anne

  • Frank... but also present day thinkers like Jimmy Carter, Rosa Parks, John Lennon, and

  • Oprah. These people all had ideas and they wanted

  • to share those ideas with us. So, let's not get the idea that Air is going

  • to be about books and studying. It can be about that... but the qualities of Air can

  • be found in a regular guy who makes you laugh. Someone who likes to socialize and have a

  • good time. If you meet someone who wants to chat you up -- I'll bet they're an Air style

  • person. Let's take a deeper look at Air!

  • What is Air? Okay, so what is Air about? Well, it's the

  • element that rules our mind and the way we think. But it's not intellectualism... it's

  • about thinking and communicating -- and we all do that!

  • Air is about how we use language to explain our experiences. Even our feelings are something

  • that we need to put words to -- in order for other people to understand where we're coming

  • from. We love to share what we're experiencing with

  • each other and Air is the element that does the job.

  • Air signs represent language, negotiating, and socializing

  • In fact, all the Air signs are social -- and the way that we communicate can be - how we

  • communicate with ourselves, with one other person, or with a group of people - and Air

  • is in charge of all of it! Also -- communication is not just talking

  • -- writing is also a part of Air -- and if you think of the way that email and texting

  • have taken off -- you can see that we love to communicate in writing too!

  • And just one more thing -- Air is looking for truth -- that's why humanitarians are

  • a part of Air. Truth and fairness! That's why it also rules humor -- comedians are always

  • putting the truth in our faces and making us laugh about it.

We have a really great show lined up here. The topic is the element of Air!


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