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  • People always tell us that young  people are going to save the world

  • But there is simply not enough time to wait

  • The fallout from climate change

  • All of this with the global warming, it's a hoax

  • It is the most pressing issue of our time

  • You have to go to school

  • When it came to the climate crisis we were just  like everyone else, we weren't doing enough

  • I don't care about being popular,  I care about climate justice

  • She felt she had to do something and she had to it on her own

  • Is climate change an issue that  children should be concerned about?

  • You suffer from Asperger's syndrome

  • I wouldn't say 'suffer from' but I have it

  • When I get interested insubject, I become laser focused

  • There is a real movement that is growing

  • Greta comes up on stage, she speaks  and her words are devastating

  • My name is Greta Thunberg, and I want you to panic

  • We are in the midst of a mass extinction

  • Time is running out

  • We will be a pain in the arse, we will  keep on striking until they do something

  • I've been invited to the United Nations summit and  since I don't fly, it's going to be a challenge

  • This is all wrong, I should be back in school

  • What we are doing now, future  generations can't change

  • Despite all the beautiful words and promisesour political leaders have failed us

  • Some people are so arrogant to  think they can change the climate

  • Nothing is happening so we must do what we can

  • We will not stop until we are done

People always tell us that young  people are going to save the world


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A2 初級 美國腔

I Am Greta - Official UK Trailer

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