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  • keep yourself about one thing.


  • The intelligent yes.


  • As he walked away from the podium on Friday after outlining his plan to speed up the country's co vid 19 vaccination roll out, President elect Joe Biden said he feels safe taking the oath of office at his inauguration next week despite possible security threats at their last week's assault on the capital.

    當他週五在概述他的計劃以加快國家的co vid 19疫苗推出後離開講臺時,當選總統喬-拜登說,儘管他們上週對首都的襲擊可能存在安全威脅,但他感到安全在下週的就職典禮上宣誓。

  • The National Park Service said on Friday it was immediately closing the National Mall and iconic U.


  • S landmarks in Washington, D.


  • C.


  • Until at least the day after Biden's inauguration on January 20th.


  • A very riel and present threat, D.


  • C Mayor Muriel Bowser suggested that closures and heightened security could remain in effect until well after that date.

    C市長Muriel Bowser建議,關閉和加強安保措施可能會持續到該日期之後。

  • With an eye on possible threats from armed far right groups, we saw white extremists stormed the capital building who were trained and organized eso.


  • We all have to think about a new posture while we're focused on January the 20th, we're also focused on January the 21st and every day thereafter in the nation's capital, U.


  • S officials said they expect the number of National Guard troops to rise to 25,000 in the capital a number that could increase even further, and the city set up vehicle checkpoints at a security perimeter surrounding central Washington.


  • Neighboring Virginia said it would close several bridges connecting the state with the federal district and Maryland, the other state bordering D.


  • C, declared a state of emergency related to the inauguration.


  • We are seeing an extensive amount of concerning online chatter.


  • FBI Director Christopher Wray said on Thursday that his agency was tracking calls for potential armed protest in the lead up to Wednesday's inauguration, Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of the U.

    聯邦調查局局長克里斯托弗-雷週四表示,他的機構正在跟蹤週三就職典禮前可能的武裝抗議電話,美國代理副部長Ken Cuccinelli。

  • S Department of Homeland Security, told CNN that Biden's team had decided to delay Sunday's inauguration rehearsal by one day due to concerning online chatter.


keep yourself about one thing.


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