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  • Gemini and Scorpio are very different in their energies as people, in their goals, how they

  • relate in love, what they're looking for in life. Gemini is an air sign, meaning it's

  • communicative and curious and spontaneous and essentially wants to get out. In other

  • words, to experience, to explore. Scorpio is a water sign, very, very feeling and very

  • intense. The major characteristic of a Scorpio is control. It does not want to have or be

  • in a relationship in which it, he or she, cannot control the other.

  • So immediately they do have a passionate and fabulous sex life. Immediately. Because Gemini

  • loves to explore and to titillate and to flirt with and to find new sex tricks. This, of

  • course, empassions a Scorpio who is already a very sexual sign. So there's lots of fireworks,

  • lots of tempestuous lovemaking.

  • Then they move on into the next part of the relationship, where they have to make a go

  • of it as friends. There it's more difficult, because Scorpio does control intensely, does

  • fell intensely, and tends to be very temperamental in its attitudes.

  • Gemini doesn't have time for this, really doesn't want someone who is constantly in

  • a negative frame of mind or who constantly needs to have the rules followed, or the situation

  • of being too much under the thumb of another. So Gemini tends to wander off a bit, goes

  • out dancing or socializing, and Scorpio sits and home and seethes.

  • Basically, long term they are going to have a lot of conflict between them and hostility

  • between them. Best if they could form a friendship first, and then fall into a love affair. But

  • usually that doesn't happen.

Gemini and Scorpio are very different in their energies as people, in their goals, how they


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雙子座和天蠍座相配嗎 十二星座愛情指南 (Are Gemini & Scorpio Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide)

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