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  • and tracy permanganate silvery and today we're talking about the reasons and i

  • compatibility at this is actually a part of my hair is experienced series on you

  • to and so if you haven't seen my first video i talk about areas in a

  • relationship and general please go back and check it out

  • first with jenna is actually a pretty good match uh... you know this is a

  • couple that complements one another

  • and the dynamic between you really allows the ability to accomplish a great

  • deal together which is always great in any relationship

  • uh... jenn i isn't air sign

  • where as aries is a fire sign and fired air go well together

  • how the dynamic between you tends to play out is that you jen might comes up

  • with the ideas and so here she is the one who's here always suggesting things

  • you know i was thinking about this or maybe we should try this i had this

  • great idea and aries being the fireside flaked barley talking that was his delay

  • ok that's how the energy works between you know and and that's really positive

  • it's very exciting

  • and east simulate one another

  • and your cable to keep up with each other as far as your individual case

  • goes

  • and and and you keep each other on your toes which is very important for tonight

  • and aries aries doesn't want someone that's going to hold the back and jen i

  • doesn't want to remind you essentially what do the same thing as far as you

  • know uh... it intellectual pursuits go

  • and demonize

  • as an air inside

  • definitely needs some mind with mandate can communicate

  • and carries his fireside

  • definitely need someone to kind of give them the inspiration to go out to the

  • things that they want in life

  • uh... as far as sexual compatibility and this could be a fun matched sexually and

  • i say fine

  • because general

  • is very fickle ok and gemma doesn't do well with emotional attachments intimacy

  • commitment

  • untill i just want to have fun and needs a lot of a righty and would be the most

  • importantly meets not to get bored

  • ari

  • and belgrade aries can definitely insure that tonight does not get bored

  • uh... and so that's that's something that's very compatible between you know

  • for sure and then meanwhile genocide brains their i_d_ to the detriment aries

  • is always open to experimenting so the sexual compatibility between tonight he

  • raises a lively one

  • and and and definitely one that probably involves ally different costumes a lot

  • of different types of role plays and release just based on

  • okay

  • as far as you know the arguments between you know as we as i've shared and other

  • videos as we know about aries aries first temper tantrums aries gets angry

  • and then get over it okay

  • and janet paintball probably be a bit put off by this at first because jen my

  • likes to communicate

  • and so when you do you have your fights you know instead of arguing genovise

  • going to want to actually talk about their and and what quite understand my

  • aries doesn't get that's ari

  • so that's something to be mindful of the l

  • aries may try and you know below fire and can't wait to tend to intimidate

  • tonight and i suspect ret

  • lifted aside and say why don't we talk about this an eight to keep that in mind

  • that's the best way to work out your arguments not just between these two

  • sides but between p people in general anne

  • and cell on top of the positive match really get complimenting match

  • is allotted energy between you both stimulate one another you talent another

  • which is very exciting

  • if you want more information visit random severity dot com

  • and so next time good luck

and tracy permanganate silvery and today we're talking about the reasons and i


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