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  • eminence tracy permanganate security and today we're talking about the recently

  • you know compatibility

  • uh... this is actually a part of my theories experience series on you to

  • that i started as we celebrate the market aries

  • and said you haven't checked out my first video our talk more about the

  • reason relationships in general

  • please go back and take a look at that

  • a recently ella is actually a very

  • e compatible matt

  • both are

  • art buyer signs consume bertha operate very similar wavelengths

  • this would be

  • e aid theory active energetic and passionate union between these two sides

  • for sure

  • and areas appreciates li l for in number of reasons but i think the first thing

  • that will stand out for aries the ram

  • uh... will be wheels confidence in the years

  • re gali

  • and lee has ability to kind of turn heads

  • uh... you know aries as a sign that really wants high-quality wants the best

  • and and that will be leo for sure

  • and and on the flip side you know we don't want to pre she

  • you know someone of this

  • alpha male land and mall really find areas to be very attractive and

  • and chile aries assertion and pursuits and style of courting

  • uh... and so once these two science come together in really speaks of the that

  • beneficial matched to better

  • as far has you know arguments go

  • it's interesting because like at sector route this series your aries gets mad

  • quick and get over quack

  • uh... but nevertheless has temper tantrums

  • and we are as above that

  • but he has not been put up with that but you know it's probably going to cry

  • don't look down aries with his or her nose in the air as if to say really

  • comeback when you're ready to actually be mature adult

  • and as much as this will inferior

  • eight aries uh... it will also b

  • something that aries respects the most about leo

  • another interesting dynamic between these two sides is that we are tends to

  • take on the role of teacher in this relationship

  • yeah expires signs both legal and areas are known to come up with rate ideas and

  • really perceive them

  • the only difference is that gary

  • he says a cardinal energy

  • will probably not necessarily see his or her idea all the way three oh s

  • his heart isn't into it or her heart isn't it

  • wesleyan was marked extensively or comes up with an ideal he was going to see it

  • probably through

  • and so that's where this teacher element comes into play because we know will

  • help aries to finish what gary starts

  • and again this may be something that's very annoying tui aries but nevertheless

  • something that carries a lot about the on the mast

  • and as far as sexual compatibility cuz you know derek neither side could do no

  • wrong with one another

  • uh... you know we i will appreciate

  • eight aries attentiveness

  • will appreciate aries openness as far as sexuality goes

  • and could really learned to loosen up essentially uh... as a result of a

  • sexual relationship with aries and me hot area so appreciate leaders

  • you know uh... winding to satisfy areas and to make aries happy and and

  • boat cruciate that rio aries will appreciate that leo is very passionate

  • as well in any kind of sexual union

  • self-regulate i don't have anything bad to say about this coupling it's a

  • beautiful max when it works

  • and and and you know it's definitely at hair

  • cat-scan test time

  • if you want more information visit randomness it pretty dot com

  • and until next time got back

eminence tracy permanganate security and today we're talking about the recently


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