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  • Hi, Welcome to Inside Connection. I'm Dr. Craig Martin and in this episode we're gonna

  • talk about the element of fire. What do you know about fire? Well, we know that fire is

  • hot and we know sometimes it burns. But did you know that fire the element also corresponds

  • with human personality. Fire Signs are all creative, motivated, and enthusiastic.

  • They high energy. They have a common thread of having a lot of ideas which comes from

  • that creative side. Let's talk first about the light side of fire.

  • Aries is the first fire sign remember we have people like Betty Davis, Lady Gaga. They stand

  • out as fire, right? Leo is the second, how about Whitney Houston or Napoleon or even

  • Barack Obama--he is a very big Leo. And Sagittarians Bruce Lee, Taylor Swift,

  • Jamie Foxx as we see with all the elements. The first sign in fire -- Aries has to do

  • with relationship that that sign has with itself. Second fire sign, Leo has to do with

  • relationship that that person has with one individual or individuals & others. And Sagittarius

  • the third fire sign is about creativity with society or a whole group of people, at large.

  • The difference between Aries and Leo is that Aries is doing creativity for itself. Leo

  • is creative for others while Sagittarius wants to be creative on a social level. Their creative

  • experience involves society, that's why Sag rules high learning, foreign travel and, philosophy.

  • We see people like Steven Spielberg or even Nostradamus is a Sagittarius. They have a

  • kind of philosophical vision that they are trying to bring to the world.

  • One thing I want to make clear is that this first, second, and third sign thing doesn't

  • mean that the third sign Sagittarius is more evolved than the first sign Aries because

  • it's really about experience that this individual is having. So Aries is experiencing it's creative

  • effect on its self. It's doing creativity for itself while Sagittarius is experiencing

  • creativity for group of people.

Hi, Welcome to Inside Connection. I'm Dr. Craig Martin and in this episode we're gonna


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火象星座。白羊座、獅子座、射手座的介紹。 (Fire Astrological Signs: An Intro to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

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