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  • "Hey baby what's your sign?" SCIENCE. GET OUT OF MY VIDEO TRACE.

  • Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Astrology is based on the premise that celestial bodies

  • (like the sun, the moon, planets, and constellations) have an effect on what happens on earth, who

  • you are as a person, and how people behave -- based on when they were born. Not to be

  • confused with ASTRONOMY, which is the study of those celestial bodies themselves -- their

  • properties and placement and such.

  • Now I have a lot of friends, and my adorable little sister particularly, who are REALLY

  • INTO ASTROLOGY. It's how they start their day and the foundation for their relationships

  • with other people, the foundation for understanding themselves. As much as I love them, the scientist

  • within me is cringing. Nah man, naaahhhhhh.

  • Why does astrology make scientists cringe? I mean, it seems scientific enough what with

  • all the tracking of planetary movements, star charts, and complicated formulas. But astrology

  • isn't an actual science because...wellll (1) It's not based on evidence, (2) it's conclusions

  • aren't testable, (3) it isn't open to review by other scientists favorite, number

  • (4): it's un...fals..ifiable... Astrology can't be proven wrong...and that's the heart

  • of what science is. The assertions of astrology are so general and open to interpretation

  • that we can always find a way to see it in a factual light. We saw this effect in James

  • Randi's famous "Astrology Test". Participants were given specific horoscopes based on when

  • and where they were born. After reading, they ALL rated their horoscope as "very" or "extremely"

  • accurate. Then, they were passed their neighbor's horoscope--and learned that they all had the

  • same exact one.

  • Other scientists have also looked at astrology's claims about careers. The idea is that being

  • born under Mars, a supposedly warlike planet, produces more soldiers and athletes, whereas

  • Venus produces more artistic types. In a study of 25,000 Frenchmen in the 60's, psychologist

  • Michel Gauquelin found no correlations. He also did a study where he mixed up the birth

  • charts of 10 murderers with 10 citizens and invited astrologers to identify which was

  • which based on the charts. They failed miserably. A similar but larger study was published in

  • 2007 and they found that the astrologers were EVEN MORE WRONG THAN RANDOM CHANCE. Youch.

  • Yet another study at the University of Manchester in 2001 looked at love compatibility by astrological

  • sign to see if there were any trends. They had the data of 10 million couples from Census

  • of Britain and Wales and found not a single sign pairing that showed a greater or lesser

  • chance of romantic success.

  • There's also the fact that the sun is no longer in a given zodiac constellation during it's

  • designated time anymore. Although the sun is supposed to be in Aries right now, that's

  • based on an outdated model -- it's actually in Pisces until April 18th. This is because

  • of precession, a phenomenon where the earth wobbles on its axis every 25,800-year-cycle.

  • Most peoples' signs that they believe they have...are actually wrong. Mine, for instance,

  • isn't actually Libra, it's Virgo. And the description still manages to fit!

  • Does this all mean astrology is good for nothing? Well, no, of course's good for entertainment!

  • It's all good fun. My concern is that a recent report by the NSF that found almost half of

  • Americans think Astrology is a real science. AMERICA...DUZ U KNOW HOW TO SCIENCE? We still

  • don't. The struggle continues. Thanks for joining me for DNews my fellow science geeks.

  • We'll see you next time with more science updates.

"Hey baby what's your sign?" SCIENCE. GET OUT OF MY VIDEO TRACE.


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為什麼占星術不是真正的科學 (Why Astrology Isn't Real Science)

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