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  • 2020 was one of the hottest years ever, and it brought to an end the warmest decade ever recorded.


  • That's the verdict of scientists from five leading agencies around the world.


  • The U.


  • N said the findings showed the planet was on course for a catastrophic rise in temperatures this century.


  • Here's our science editor David Shipman, a desperate rescue in Indonesia after torrential rain triggered landslides earlier this week, and scientists say that even heavier downpours are likely in future as the world gets warmer well in some countries, hotter, drier conditions air on the cards.


  • The wildfires that struck Australia last year are nothing new in themselves.


  • But the MAWR human activity releases the gas is heating the atmosphere, the greater the risks of more violent conditions on Although the pandemic lockdowns have reduced traffic, they haven't made much difference to the carbon dioxide that keeps being added to the air.


  • Year on year, we're increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on DNA.


  • Notwithstanding the pandemic, we still increased the common dioxide levels in the atmosphere by over two parts familiar last year on a zloty.


  • As that continues toe happen, we are putting our foot on the accelerator off climate warming.


  • Over the past 170 years, the average global temperature has bean monitored by teams in Britain, America and other countries.


  • And although it's varied year by year, the recent trend has bean really dramatic as the planet has heated up.


  • The result.


  • The most recent decade was the hottest on record, and we're also getting closer to an increase of 1.5 degrees and internationally agreed limit that climate scientists say would be dangerous to cross the risk Is Mawr extremes the world over.

    最近的十年是有記錄以來最熱的十年,我們也越來越接近增加1.5度和國際商定的限制,氣候科學家說將是危險的跨越風險Is Mawr極端的世界。

  • This village in the Vale of Glamorgan was flooded over Christmas after the heaviest rainfall there for 70 years.


  • And as temperatures rise, heat waves will become more common, like the one in the UK last summer.


  • The Met office says the latest records are part of a pattern 2020.


  • We're seeing temperatures that yet again, giving us one of the warmest years on record, despite some factors such as conditions in the tropical Pacific that in 2020 would've normally suppressed temperatures, So will anything be done?


  • Well, Joe Biden has promised that America will lead a big push to tackle climate change on China for the first time has committed to go in carbon neutral negotiations a do in Glasgow later this year, there's a lot at stake.


  • David Shankman, BBC News.


2020 was one of the hottest years ever, and it brought to an end the warmest decade ever recorded.


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