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  • welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 console boot up screens.


  • What?


  • Yeah, okay, for this list, we're naming off the most iconic boot up screens from across game console history.


  • Which boot up screen is your favorite?


  • Let us know in the comments below Number 20 Nintendo Wii Oh, most consoles started with a simple animation of the logo and threw you into your game.


  • The we, on the other hand, focused more on gently welcoming the player.


  • After ignoring the health warning for the umpteenth time, Louise Dashboard lights up the screen and plays a chime that evokes that Nintendo charm.


  • Thea Ambience was soothing enough that we'd sometimes just leave the console on and relax.

    Thea Ambience足夠舒緩,以至於我們有時會直接打開控制檯,放鬆一下。

  • Louise given off chill vibes Number 19, Sony PSP The PSP may not have been a runaway success for Sony, but it still stood on its own two legs.

    露易絲給人以冷酷的感覺第19名,索尼PSP PSP的成功也許不是一帆風順的,但它仍然靠著自己的兩條腿站了起來。

  • Those who bought a PSP found a startup screen that was somewhat similar to the PS two in terms of visuals and style.


  • Audio, on the other hand, was admittedly a bit jolting due to the sudden echo of the PS PS logo.

    音頻方面,誠然,由於PS PS標誌的突然迴響,讓人有些震撼。

  • Hey, at least the handheld got you woken up and ready to play.


  • Number 18 Nintendo three DS.


  • As we'll see throughout the list, Nintendo's handhelds have had some fantastic, snappy intros to quickly Greek players before getting them into their game.


  • The Nintendo three DS was no exception, not only where the red waves cool to look at, but when the three D slider was at Max, it showed just how cool the three D aspect Waas.


  • But we gotta ask, Did anybody else find it hypnotizing quick?


  • Someone make a 10 hour loop of this number 17 PlayStation five.

    有人把這個數字17 PlayStation五號做了一個10小時的循環。

  • We've been so used to booming sounds and short pieces of music that it's hard to think of another way to impact players.


  • The PlayStation five takes a drastically different approach than its predecessors this time around.

    PlayStation 5這次採用了與前輩們截然不同的方式。

  • Instead of a loud sound effect, the PS five opens up with a calm ambience and a lovely sting as the screen opens up with sparkling particles pretty elegant and a quiet way to get ourselves premeditated.


  • For gaming number 16 Sega Dreamcast, the Dreamcast will always be remembered as sagas, graceful swan song as they departed from the console market.


  • We'll never forget the fantastic games that captivated the few gamers who owned the console.


  • Collision detection is actually on the body rather than in the form of a cylinder around the player.


  • Of course, there was something mesmerizing about seeing that red dot turned into a spiral, and that soft, ambient sound would become another memorable tune in Saga's repertoire of iconic gaming sounds.


  • You'll forever remain in our hearts.


  • Dreamcast number 15 Xbox.


  • Yeah, really consoles or just bundles of microchips and wires.


  • But it's more fun to think of them as futuristic technology powered by nuclear energy.


  • At least this was the idea Xbox may have had in mind with its first console, Bill.


  • Do you have any idea what the Rock would be like if you were on Lee running on 1/5 of his power?


  • Well, I would think that it doesn't matter what you think.


  • Bill Theory Journal Xbox opens with a blob mutating before zooming out to show the logo.


  • It's not the greatest of the Xbox food ups, but Microsoft made a hell of a first impression.


  • With this, you could be out there.


  • Number 14 Nintendo Entertainment System.


  • Hey, we're just a surprised as you are back in the eighties and early nineties, we didn't have much when it came to boot up screens.


  • You just put in the cartridge and bam, you're playing the game.


  • However, those who started their family calms or any s systems without a cartridge found a special startup screen where Mario and Luigi flicked the Nintendo logo.


  • Lights on and off.


  • You don't see cute stuff like this on dashboards.


  • Number 13 Sega Saturn Powering on the Sega Saturn was almost like bringing the future into our living rooms.

    13號世嘉土星 開啟世嘉土星電源,幾乎就像把未來帶進了我們的客廳。

  • And we aren't just saying that because of the Saturns.


  • Impressive three D visuals.


  • The system opens with a collection of squares flying across the screen and coming together to form the logo.


  • It's a Ziff.


  • Pixels were separating and coming together to form better visuals.


  • Simple, yes, but an elegant way for players to step into a new generation of games.


  • Yeah, yeah, Number 12 steam Big picture mode.


  • In its basic form, Steam startup screen is nothing more than a small box to type in your login info.


  • When starting big picture mode, however, you get a whole new experience.


  • Yeah, noises of water give off the feeling of submerging underwater when coupled with the pixelated particle effects.


  • It's a cool presentation, yes, but we are a little confused by the water.


  • Part is in the platform called steam.


  • Whatever still need come join in number 11 Xbox.


  • Siri's X Slash s as consoles improved their performance, so to have their presentations.


  • And this one was certainly better than the original Xbox.


  • When turning on the Xbox, Siri's X or s, the system kicks off with a soft outline of the Xbox logo as the music gently crescendos as if seeing a sunrise or a knight in shining armor.


  • Like the PS five, it's a nice quiet change from the past booming beginnings.


  • Number 10 PlayStation three.


  • Yeah, for a console is chunky is the PS 31 would anticipate a powerful noise similar to Sony's previous consoles.

    是啊,對於一個控制檯是厚重的是PS 31會預期一個強大的噪音類似於索尼以前的遊戲機。

  • However, the PS three clearly wanted users to feel like the console was ready to put on a show specifically for you in your own private theater.


  • And what better way to invoke that fantasy than by emitting the sound of an orchestra?


  • Opening up for a concert thing was a show made for you.


  • Number nine Julia Well, Yeah, few consoles evoke a sense of power that get you psyched to start playing some games.

    九號Julia 嗯,是的,很少有遊戲機能喚起你的力量感,讓你興奮地開始玩一些遊戲。

  • There are also few consoles that flopped as hard as the did, but that doesn't take away from just how awesome it's boot up screen is.


  • After a few seconds of the glimmering logo, the console greets you with a mighty Yuya hell of a way to greet players.


  • If Onley more bought it by now, do you dot TV number eight Nintendo DS, similar to the we the D s had a startup screen that was a little more like a dashboard, but we'll still allow it on this list.

    如果昂利更多買了它現在,你點電視號八任天堂DS,類似於我們的D s有一個啟動螢幕,更像一個儀表盤,但我們仍然會允許它在這個名單上。

  • After all, it's known for its simple visuals and tone.


  • Users were welcomed with two small squares meeting to form the Nintendo DS logo, playing a light chime as soon as they were connected.


  • The noise is almost reminiscent of another Nintendo handheld, but we'll get to that soon.


  • Number seven Xbox 3 60 one could say that this was the sound that defined a generation what Xbox 3 60 owner could forget the first time they booted up the console and saw those vibrant green streams fly across the screen with the Xbox 3 60 hosting a ton of great titles.

    七號Xbox 3 60可以說這是定義了一代人的聲音什麼Xbox 3 60的所有者可以忘記他們第一次啟動控制檯,看到那些充滿活力的綠色流在螢幕上飛,Xbox 3 60主持了大量的偉大標題。

  • The faint echo was quickly ingrained into our heads.


  • Thea Xbox One would have a similar noise, but you just can't be the classic number six Neo Geo.

    Thea Xbox One會有類似的噪音,但你就是不能成為經典的六號Neo Geo。

  • It may not be as recognizable as the bigger game companies, but the neo Geo boasted a tune Justus.

    它可能不像大的遊戲公司那樣有辨識度,但neo Geo擁有一個調性的Justus。

  • Catchy and memorable audio turning this console on would start with a white screen and the logo being flipped around, ending with the S NK logo fading in.

    吸引人的,讓人記憶深刻的音頻打開這個控制檯會先是白屏,標誌被翻來覆去,最後S NK標誌漸漸消失。

  • It's a sequence that has resonated with those who grew up in the early nineties as well as many folks within the fighting game.


  • Community number five, PlayStation two.


  • Given that this was and still is the best selling console of all time, almost everyone should recognize the magnificent sounds of a PS two.

    鑑於這款遊戲機曾經是並且現在仍然是最暢銷的遊戲機,幾乎每個人都應該認識到PS two的宏偉聲音。

  • The coolest part about it was how all of the tiles and towers represented the storage space in your memory card and how many games you played, though God help you.


  • If you inserted a broken disk into the machine, then you'd enter a new kind of hell, literally.


  • Number four Game Boy Advance.

    四號Game Boy Advance。

  • Mhm handhelds like the PSP and Nintendo DS family were great.


  • But when you think of handhelds, there's only one system that comes to mind.


  • The Gameboy Advance GameBoy Advance E.

    Gameboy Advance GameBoy Advance E。

  • In addition to holding a wealth of fantastic games in its library, the GameBoy Advance is often remembered for the colorful, bouncy fonts that greets us as well as that beautiful melody.

    除了在它的遊戲庫中擁有豐富的夢幻遊戲外,GameBoy Advance還經常被人們記住,因為它那色彩斑斕、富有彈性的字體,以及那優美的旋律迎接著我們。

  • We'll always cherish the original Gameboys startup screen, but the G B A was top tier number three Sega Genesis a za Muchas.

    我們會永遠珍惜最初的Gameboys啟動畫面,但G B A是頂級的三號Sega Genesis a za Muchas。

  • We adore the Dreamcast and Saturn.


  • The Genesis makes it to the top three for one specific reason.


  • Care to guess Why will give you a hint.


  • The sound that plays when Genesis boots up is not only the noise of a generation, but to this day is still part of pop culture.


  • Sega may have a different time, but it will forever be known under this tune altogether.


  • Now Sega number two, Sony PlayStation.


  • Despite being in the Games industry for almost three decades, Sony is still synonymous with a legendary sound from ages ago.


  • It is a sound that represents a time when we had fantastic titles like Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy seven and Many, many more when powering on the original Sony PlayStation players air greeted with a low rumble and that iconic Gold Diamond.

    這是一個聲音,代表了一個時間,當我們有夢幻般的標題,如Crash Bandicoot,最終幻想七和許多,許多更多時,在原始的索尼PlayStation玩家空氣迎接與低隆隆聲和標誌性的金鑽。

  • This was the sound that gave us chills, and we loved it.


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  • Number one.


  • Nintendo Game Cube Most if not all of us have seen that tiny cube tumble around to form the GameCube logo, but the two secret startups make it even better.

    任天堂遊戲方塊 我們中的大多數人都見過那個小小的方塊翻來覆去地形成GameCube的標誌,但兩家祕密的創業公司讓它變得更好。

  • E Hold Z on one controller for a squeaky ER version holds E.


  • On four controllers simultaneously for a tune to get you pumped for Smash Brothers.


  • No one forgets the first time they powered on a game.


  • Cube and its fans have made some hilarious memes out of it in the mood for more awesome gaming content.


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welcome to watch Mojo.


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