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  • Hi, I'm the Star Goddess, and here's how to spot a Pisces. It's actually pretty easy to

  • spot a Pisces, they're the guys in the back of the room quietly eying everybody in the

  • place, because they're the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. The men can be spotted

  • by the beards and rough scraggly fur on their face, as though putting on this rough exterior

  • is going to belay some of their sensitivity, much like Kurt Cobain. The woman have beautiful

  • large eyes turned up in the corners like Cyndy Crawford, and eyes like limpid pools of water

  • much like Elizabeth Taylor, although, they prefer to hide their eyes by buying great

  • big dark sunglasses. They have music in their soul ruled by the planet Neptune, and you

  • can always find them swaying to a beat like Harry Belafonte, and they have happy feet

  • much like Rudolph Nureyev, they have music in their soul, Handel and George Harrison,

  • and these guys are the martyrs of the zodiac, Tammy Faye Baker. You can usually find them

  • out hanging on a cross feeling sorry for themselves like Jesus, or volunteering their time in

  • an attempt to save the world. Because they are so sensitive, often times they like to

  • retreat from the world, and they have the most difficult times with drugs and alcohol,

  • and any other kind of escape tendencies. Although there aren't very many of them, you surely

  • can pick them out in a crowd with the beard, dark sunglasses, and the sad soulful look

  • on their face. So that's how you spot a Pisces, that's better living through astrology, I'm

  • Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess.

Hi, I'm the Star Goddess, and here's how to spot a Pisces. It's actually pretty easy to


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占星術:如何發現雙魚座的人? (Astrology : How to Spot a Pisces)

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