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  • After living in the United State after say for more than quarter of a century, I am back

  • in India. I am now developing a course called Corporate Astrology and this is an attempt

  • to use astrology in a corporate environment, and I have outlined 5 key elements for the

  • success of a company. One is personnel, if you get the right personnel the company will

  • go by itself and what does the personnel, the CEO, for instance, stands for; intelligence,

  • his brainpower and his execution, that’s a very key element. But then what I want to

  • bring to that personnel aspect of success is the personnel can also fail because there

  • are ups and downs, and then what they call it as the luck factor and I just don’t want

  • to call it as a luck or fortune but there can be a science behind it and that there

  • is a science behind it and that science is Astrology. The movements of the planets create

  • the ups and downs. So if you know about them, the personnel can benefit more. That’s the

  • first element. The second element is the space factor. Space is very important including

  • the space in which you sit and where the office is situated. It has a direct impact on the

  • success. This science is called Vaastu and Fengshui in China. The space decides success

  • so it’s important for corporations to become aware of that. The third element is time,

  • time is an important factor and time is created by the movement of planets. The movement of

  • planets creates time, and time divisions are very very minute within the Indian tradition.

  • They talk about five divisions of time within a day, and beyond the five divisions of the

  • day which is called the Panchang, there us what is calledHora’. Each Hora brings

  • its own energy. So you have to be careful what you pick to execute something or think

  • about something and then there are also time called as psychological time, chronological

  • time. They are all important for a corporate person to become aware of. Then there is the

  • fourth element, which is the technology. Of course technology is very key for success

  • so you constantly acquiring new technology and I am not going to talk about that. By

  • technology, I mean the technology that is currently unavailable but you can access it.

  • For instance in 2020, there will be a different technology that will outdate the technology

  • that we have now, so how can you get the 2020 technology? The yogis and astrology have insights

  • into it because time itself is an illusion and then how to compress time is something

  • that is very important for corporations to use it as a tool. The last one is stress management.

  • Stress management is a very important element in the success of a company. Everybody is

  • stressed out. Stress is a factor connected to Ego. You always think that this is the

  • outcome that I want and then you are not able to do it, time is running out, resources are

  • running out and the market is changing. All these things are categories that affect you

  • but then if you have a different perspective of reality and not just become a victim to

  • the known. If you just liberate yourself from the known and then see a larger perspective,

  • and go beyond the ego then you will be better in control of stress. Stress is also responsible

  • for your behavior. When you are calm, your behavior will be much better with your co-workers,

  • superior or people who work for you. So these are the five elements which are very key in

  • running a company and astrology has a lot to do it. I have developed courses for several

  • hours for each element that I have briefed you in this presentation.

After living in the United State after say for more than quarter of a century, I am back


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企業占星術。公司成功的五個關鍵 (Corporate Astrology: Five Keys To Company Success)

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