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  • okay.


  • Stocks on Wall Street soared to record levels Thursday, investors seeming to block out the crisis in Washington amid growing calls for the removal of President Donald Trump after Wednesday's chaos when a pro Trump mob stormed the U.


  • S Capitol, investors are looking to January 20th betting that MAWR badly needed economic aid will be delivered under a Biden administration and the Congress, soon to be controlled by Democrats, cross Mark Global Investments chief market strategist Victoria Fernandez.


  • Well, I think really what the markets are doing is seeing what happened in Washington yesterday as a one off event, and they're looking a little bit longer at the stimulus package that's going to be coming for that we're seeing the markets react and it's a day to day reaction on the markets.


  • But today it's the idea that more stimulus is coming.


  • The yield on the benchmark 10 year Treasury moved higher and that in turn fueled financial stocks.


  • Other economically sensitive sectors, such as industrials and energy, also rallied, lifting the S and P 501 and a half percent and the Dow 7/10 percent.


  • Tech stocks performed even better, erasing Wednesday's losses and boosting the NASDAQ 2.5% among the biggest drivers on that index.


  • Tesla shares jumped 8% after RBC Capital Markets upgraded the electric carmaker's stock to sector perform from underperform.

    特斯拉股價大漲8%,此前RBC Capital Markets將這家電動汽車製造商的股票從表現不佳上調至行業表現。

  • That pushed Tesla CEO Elon Musk past Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to become the world's richest person, according to Bloomberg.


  • The company's stock market valuation also topped that of Facebook for the first time.


  • Walgreens Boots Alliance shares were the Dow's top gainer, rising 5%.

    Walgreens Boots Alliance股價是道指漲幅最大的股票,上漲5%。

  • Higher sales at its retail drugstores and higher prescription volumes drove the company's adjusted quarterly profit past analysts targets.




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