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  • move over Jeff Bezos.


  • Elon Musk is now the world's richest man, according to one estimate.


  • Musk reached the pinnacle on Thursday, according to Bloomberg News, thanks to a surge and test the shares, which hit another record high and has skyrocketed eight fold last year, That's pushed Musk's net worth.


  • It's just under $189 billion besting Bezos by 1.5 billion, according to the report.


  • Musk has staged a stellar turnaround after nearly getting forced out of the electric carmaker three years ago, erratic behavior and controversial tweets.


  • But the 49 year old in hot water with investors and the SEC back in 2018, forcing him to step down his company chairman.


  • But since then, he's cleaned up his act, guided Testa out of what he called manufacturing hell, steered it to become the world's most valuable car company, turned a profit and saw Tesla get a coveted spot in the benchmark S and P 500 index with a 20% stake in the carmaker.

    但從那時起,他一洗頹勢,引導特斯塔走出了他所謂的製造地獄,引導它成為世界上最有價值的汽車公司,實現了盈利,並看到特斯拉以20%的股份在基準S和P 500指數中獲得了令人羨慕的位置。

  • Musk has enjoyed a $42 billion unrealized paper gain on vested options during the stocks boom, and Tesla's not the Onley thing going for the perennial entrepreneur.


  • He also has his hands in space travel with Space six high speed electric tunnel travel with the boring company and futuristic computer and brain technology with a company called Neural Lake.


  • But for now, his fame and his wealth remained largely tied to the ever growing success of Tesla's, which has put his fortunes into the fast lane.


move over Jeff Bezos.



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馬斯克超越貝佐斯成為世界首富。 (Musk passes Bezos as world's richest man)

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