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  • millions of Americans concerned about our election integrity.


  • Republican Senator Josh Holly, who was at the forefront of a bid to block certification of President elect Joe Biden's win, has quote blood on his hands for helping to inspire quote one of the most heartbreaking days in modern American history.


  • Those words came from his home state newspaper.


  • In a scathing editorial published Wednesday, the same day angry supporters of President Donald Trump's stormed the U.


  • S Capitol looking to overturn his defeat, the Kansas City Star's editorial board wrote of Holly.


  • That quote no one other than President Donald Trump himself is more responsible for Wednesday's coup attempt at the US Capitol than one Joshua David Holley.


  • Four people died, including a woman who was shot to death.


  • The pandemonium ensued as Congress debated objections raised by a group of Republican lawmakers, with Holly at the helm to an official tally of electoral votes that showed the Democrat Joe Biden won November's presidential race.


  • The attempt to overturn the outcome faced virtually no chance of success, as it was clear from the outset that the objections would be overwhelmingly rejected, including by many in Trump's own party are but Holly's stance gave a veneer of legitimacy to allegations of fraud by Trump and his allies, who have spent weeks stoking false claims that the election was stolen.


  • Taking the Senate floor Wednesday night after the capital was secured, Holly condemned the day's violence but defended his actions as a way to address concerns about the integrity of the election.


  • This is the forum that the law provides for our laws provide for for those concerns to be registered, not through violence, not by appealing from balance two bullets, but here in this lawful process.


  • Calls for his resignation came swiftly, including from the Student Bar Association of the University of Missouri School of Law, where Holly was once a professor.


  • The 41 year old was elected to the Senate in 2018.


  • He was the first senator to announce he would join an effort launched by House conservatives to challenge the normally ceremonial process of certifying the electoral tally.


  • Critics blasted his maneuver as a misguided publicity stunt, at best, ah, dangerous incitement to violence at worst.


  • Addressing Holly directly, the newspaper's editorial said.


millions of Americans concerned about our election integrity.



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霍利參議員 "手上沾滿了鮮血":報社 (Sen. Hawley 'has blood on his hands': newspaper)

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