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由 AI 自動生成
  • It's not a bird, it's not a plane.


  • It's a drone made partly from pineapple leaves.


  • The design is part of a sustainability project at Malaysia's Putra University led by Professor Mohammed Tareq Hamed Sultan.

    該設計是馬來西亞普特拉大學可持續發展項目的一部分,由Mohammed Tareq Hamed Sultan教授上司。

  • This current project is to transform this agricultural ways into a potential aerospace application, which is a drone structure.


  • Tariq's team uses discarded pineapple leaves to create the skeletons of aerial drones.


  • The most important thing off this particular design is we're using agricultural with, which is we are transforming the leaf off the pineapple fiber into our fiber and that particular fiber who have been seeing that this fiber can be used for Air Afrique application, basically inventing a drone, according to researchers.

    最重要的事情關閉這個特定的設計是我們使用農業與,這是我們正在轉化的葉子關閉菠蘿纖維到我們的纖維和該特定的纖維誰已經看到這種纖維可以用於Air Afrique應用,基本上發明了一個無人機,根據研究人員。

  • Drones made from natural materials or bio composites a tougher, lighter, cheaper and easier to dispose off, Tariq says.


  • The Jones air, currently able to fly up to about 1000 m high on stay in the air for about 20 minutes.


  • The pineapple waste comes from farmers in the WHO Langat district, who would usually discard or burn the pineapple leaves after harvest.


  • That process can cause air pollution, but now farmers like Iran, Ishmael can sell their agricultural waste to bolster their income.


  • Uh huh.


  • Researchers hope the project, which was launched in 2017, would encourage other scientists in Malaysia to make good use of the waste.


  • The next step would be to develop a slightly larger drone to be able to carry some payload, which would carry some imagery, sensor and even some other sensors that some other payloads that would benefit the typical farmer around here.


  • So our role here is to help the industry help the help the farmers toe actually explore in tow.


  • Fourth, I are what they call it technology and innovations that would they would help them increase their yield and make their jobs much easier.


It's not a bird, it's not a plane.


由 AI 自動生成

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馬來西亞研究人員將菠蘿葉改造成無人機 (Malaysian researchers transform pineapple leaves into drones)

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