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  • It's one of the last steps towards a mega merger to create the world's fourth largest automaker.


  • The main shareholders in Persia, owner P S.

    波斯的主要股東,業主P S。

  • A.


  • Gave the green light on Monday to the group's merger with Fiat Chrysler at a special shareholder meeting.


  • The deal to form Stella Antis, the new company, was backed by more than 99% of the votes cast by investors with double voting rights.

    組建新公司Stella Antis的交易得到了擁有雙重投票權的投資者99%以上的投票支持。

  • These include pizzas, top stakeholder, the Pirjo family as well as China's Dongfeng on the French state via BP France.


  • A broader shareholder meeting was underway on Monday and FC A investors were also due to vote on the agreement.

    週一正在召開更廣泛的股東大會,FC A的投資者也將對該協議進行投票。

  • P S A chief executive Carlos Tavarez told an online meeting that the final date for the closure of the deal would be announced shortly.

    P S A首席執行官Carlos Tavarez在一次在線會議上表示,交易的最終結束日期將很快公佈。

  • Pop affordability, sustainability and safety.


  • We need to combine these three objectives in facing this challenge.


  • We're coming to you with an answer.


  • Uh, the merger between FSA and Pierce A.


  • To create the new entity still answers is key Demitra, thanks to its scale effects, its capacities in research and development innovation and its ability to be present in every market in the world.


  • Still, aunties will be able to face the challenge I had just described.


  • He comes here.


  • The shareholding structure will be altered as part of the merger on existing double voting rights, which are accrued over time and give investors more weight in decisions will not be carried over.


  • Tavarez will take the helm of the merged group.


  • He's under pressure to revive the carmakers fortunes in China on rationalized a sprawling empire like the carmakers rivals, there will also be a focus on creating cleaner cars.


  • Still, antis will have 14 brands from FC A's Fiat, including Maserati and US focused Jeep.

    不過,螞蟻金服將有14個品牌來自FC A的菲亞特,包括瑪莎拉蒂和美國重點Jeep。

It's one of the last steps towards a mega merger to create the world's fourth largest automaker.


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PSA股東準許與菲亞特的超大規模合併案 (PSA shareholders approve mega-merger with Fiat)

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