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  • in the involved law enforcement.


  • And it is my decision now that I announced today before you that no Kenosha, law enforcement officer in this case will be charged with any criminal offenses based on the facts and the laws, as I will describe them to you now.

    現在我決定,我今天在你們面前宣佈... ...本案中任何基諾沙的執法人員都不會被指控犯有任何刑事罪,基於事實和法律,我現在將向你們描述。

  • So it is our decision that no charge will be filed.


  • I'm gonna also tell you just because I think it is important that that no charge will be filed against Jacob Blake in regards to this incident as well, this case has to be laser focused on what a jury trial would look like.

    我還要告訴你,因為我認為重要的是,不會對Jacob Blake提出指控,關於這起事件,這個案子必須集中在陪審團的審判上。

  • Everybody has seen the video, and so from their perspective, they have tried this case at their computer screen or in their living room.


  • As a professional, I am called upon to talk about how to try this case in a riel jury room.


  • This case is really all about self defense and cannot be proven that it does not exist.


  • It is from It is really evidence about the perspective of Officer Cesky.

    這是從 它是真正的證據關於官員Cesky的角度。

  • What is his knowledge of each moment?


  • And what does a reasonable officer do at each decision point?


  • Those would be the things that would be primary.


in the involved law enforcement.


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基諾沙白人警察在槍殺雅各布-布萊克的事件中被證明無罪。 (White Kenosha cop cleared in shooting of Jacob Blake)

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