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  • Introducing Google Maps 8-bit

    Google 為許多種載具提供服務

  • Google provide services for a wide range of devices

    從桌上型電腦到行動裝置 包括平板電腦

  • from desktop computers to mobile devices including tablets.

    但是,我們長期以來忽視了 一個有史以來最暢銷的電腦系統

  • But we long neglected one of the most popular computer systems ever sold

    我在這裡隆重介紹8位元的 Google 地圖 -

  • and I'm here to introduce


  • Google Maps 8-Bit version as a first product for NES

    首先,我們開發了一種新型的 盒式磁帶

  • First we developed a new type of cartridge

    具備撥號功能,可將任天堂 連接到 Google。

  • with dial up technology, allowing NES to connect to Google.

    我們有 超過十萬台伺服器正在運行以解決 任天堂的技術瓶頸

  • We run more than a hundred thousand servers to overcome the NES's technical limitations

    8位元的地圖是用 Google 雲端服務以即時

  • 8-bit maps are generated by Google's cloud in realtime


  • Its really easy to use,


  • insert the cartridge,


  • connect the cable


  • then turn the power on

    吹盒式磁帶 以修復錯誤

  • Blow on the cartridge to fix bugs.

    就可自動地 連接到網路

  • And you are automatically connected to the Internet.


  • Lets start from the title screen.


  • Select the search,

    然後輸入一個名稱或地點 就像普通的 Google 地圖

  • and enter a name or place just like the regular Google Maps.

    你當然可以搜尋您的路線 您的目的地

  • You can of course search your route to your destination


  • You can also search with your voice


  • using the pad 2 mic.

    Google 地圖的8位元版本

  • Google Maps 8-bit version

    不久將在 Google 線上商店推出 但現在

  • will soon be available in the Google Store. But for now

    你可以上 Google地圖玩一下試用版

  • you can play the trial version

    點擊右上角的 “任務” 按鈕

  • by going to Google Maps and click the "Quest" button on the top right corner.

Introducing Google Maps 8-bit

Google 為許多種載具提供服務


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