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  • It's January 5th- - election day in one particular US state, but it has ramifications for the whole country.

    1 月 5 日是美國某州的選舉日,但這對整個國家都會有影響。

  • So that's where we start today's show.


  • I'm Carl Azuz.

    我是 Carl Azuz。

  • US President Donald Trump, US vice President Mike Pence, US President elect Joe Biden and U S Vice President elect Kamala Harris.


  • They've all been spending time in Georgia.


  • On Tuesday, voters there are deciding who will fill two US Senate seats, and that will determine which political party controls the Senate for the next two years.


  • A party needs a simple majority of 51 seats to have control of the 100 member Senate.

    一個政黨需要獲得 51 個席位,才能控制 100 人的參議院。

  • After the November 3rd presidential election, Republicans were projected to hold 50 seats.

    11 月 3 日的總統大選後,共和黨預計將佔 50 個席位。

  • Democrats were projected to hold 48.

    民主黨人預計將持有 48 個席位。

  • Georgia had two seats to fill on Election Day, but none of the states candidates won enough votes then to clinch a spot in the U.S Senate.


  • So Tuesday's runoff there has been preceded by weeks of fierce campaigning, relentless political ads, unceasing robocalls and barrages of text messages.

    因此,週二的第二輪選舉之前,已經有好幾個星期的激烈競選、持續的政治廣告,不間斷的自動語音電話 (自動撥號播放錄音信息的推銷電話) 和大量的簡訊。

  • As both political parties have poured millions of dollars into the Peach State, trying to influence the outcome of the vote.

    由於兩個政黨都向桃州 (喬治亞州的別稱) 投入了數百萬美元,試圖影響投票的結果。

  • The road to socialism does not run through Georgia.


  • We're living at a moment of crisis.


  • We win Georgia, we save America.


  • Elections are a matter of life, and death.


  • Georgia law requires that any candidate running for state, local or federal office wins at least 50% of the vote.


  • That didn't happen on Election Day.


  • So now these races are headed for a runoff in January, leaving the makeup of the U.S. Senate hanging in the balance.


  • The rematches will determine who controls the power on Capitol Hill.


  • If Republicans can manage to win one or both of the seats, Republicans will maintain control of the U.S Senate, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will remain the majority leader.


  • If Democrats, however, can win back both seats, they'll manage to create a tie in the US Senate that can always be broken by the vice president, handing Democrats control of not just the US House but also the entire Congress.


  • The two Republican senators, running David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, are running against Democrats John Assef and Rafael Warnock, two Democratic underdogs who are hoping to find the same success Biden found in Georgia during the general election.


  • If Loeffler wins, she'll add to the Republican ranks and the record breaking number of Republican women on Capitol Hill.


  • If Warnock wins, he'll become the first black senator from the state of Georgia.


  • All eyes are on Georgia and January 5th.

    1 月 5 日所有的目光都聚焦在喬治亞州。

  • Another date coming up on the U.S. political calendar is January 6th.

    1 月 6 日是美國政治上另一個重要的日子。

  • That's when Congress is set to count Electoral College votes, which American state certified last month.


  • This is normally a ceremonial exercise, but at least 12 Republican senators and 140 House Republicans plan to oppose counting electoral votes for President-elect Biden.

    這通常是個儀式,至少有 12 名共和黨參議員和 140 名眾議院共和黨人計劃拒絕為總統當選人拜登統計選舉人票。

  • What they want to do is hold a 10-day emergency review of votes in some US states.

    他們要做的是對美國某些州的選舉結果進行 10 天緊急審核。

  • Objections like this have been made before.


  • In 2005, dozens of congressional Democrats challenged Ohio's results in the 2004 election.

    2005 年,數十名國會民主黨人對俄亥俄州 2004 年的選舉結果提出質疑。

  • They said widespread voting problems were to blame, and that's what President Trump and some of his Republican allies say was the problem this time around.


  • But 15 years ago, Congress still moved ahead on certifying President George W. Bush as the winner of the 2004 election, and analysts say that's all but certain to happen this Wednesday for president elect Joe Biden.

    但 15 年前,國會仍在進行對喬治·沃克·布什總統是 2004 年大選贏家的認證,而分析人士說本週三總統當選人喬·拜登當選的情況是肯定的。

  • President Trump's challenges to the 2020 results have not succeeded in changing the outcome in any state.

    總統川普對 2020 年選舉結果的質疑並沒有成功改變任何一州的結果。

  • Certified results from Georgia showed Biden winning there with 11,779 more votes than Trump.

    喬治亞州的認證結果顯示,拜登以比川普多 11779 票的優勢勝出。

  • In a phone call on Saturday with Georgia's secretary of state, President Trump said he wanted to quote find 11,780 votes, one more than his opponent won by because President Trump says he actually won the state.

    週六與喬治亞州國務卿的電話中,總統川普說他舉證自己有 11,780 張選票,比對手的選票多一張,因總統川普說他實際上贏得了該州的選票。

  • But Georgia's Secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, said the president's data was wrong and that the truth would come out .


  • As far as Georgia's senate races go, we'll keep you updated on what happens this week.


  • 10-second trivia!


  • Where would you find the most populated city in the world?


  • Japan, Brazil, India or China?


  • Greater Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has a population of about 38 million people.

    大東京是日本的首都,人口約 3800 萬。

  • Friday, July 23rd is the planned kick off date for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

    7 月 23 日 (週五) 是 2020 年東京夏季奧運會的計畫開賽日期。

  • They're still being called that even though it's 2021 the same pandemic that postponed the Games in the first place is threatening to cancel them all together .

    他們仍然認為,即使它是 2021 年奧運會在第一時間就被延後,這場流行病正威脅著將被全部取消。

  • To be clear , that hasn't happened yet.


  • The show is scheduled to go on this summer in Japan, but there are new strains of coronavirus that have cropped up around the world, and they're causing new headaches in the efforts to fight the disease.


  • It's common for viruses to mutate or change.


  • At least one of the new covid strains, or variance, is believed to spread faster than the original one, but it's not believed to be more deadly.


  • The survival rate for the new and older strains is estimated to be more than 99%.

    據估計,新病毒和原本病毒的存活率高達 99% 以上。

  • Health officials don't know yet if the newly approved emergency vaccines work against the new strains.


  • But as they race to find answers and treatments for all variants of coronavirus, concerns about the disease in Japan are bringing some Olympic sized questions.


  • It's just 200 days now until the postponed Tokyo Olympics are set to kick off, and that mammoth task of planning the games in the middle of the pandemic is only getting harder.

    現在距延期的東京奧運會開賽只剩 200天 了,而這項在疫情中策劃奧運會的艱鉅任務,難度只會變得越來越高。

  • Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said that he is considering declaring a state of emergency as the country grapples with soaring COVID-19 cases, the governors of Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures have already urged the prime minister to do so.


  • The country is reporting thousands of new covid cases a day, bringing the national total to nearly a quarter million.

    全國每天都在匯報數千起新的新冠肺炎案例,使全國確診總數達到將近 25 萬。

  • The country has also detected several cases of the new potentially more contagious variants of Covid-19, prompting the government to ban entry foreign travelers through the end of the month.


  • Now, even though the state of emergency wouldn't have any legal enforcement, Japanese officials have been reluctant to take any steps that would harm the economy.


  • Olympic organizers have already said that the games will be simplified with pare back opening and closing ceremonies.


  • Officials said that they'll decide in the spring how many foreign fans, if any, can attend.


  • Despite high confidence from the president of the IOC that fans will be able to come, the success of the Olympics really hinges on how fast the world could get vaccinated.


  • In Japan, vaccination is not set to begin until February, far behind some countries, but the stakes are very high this year for the games to go forward as planned.


  • Olympic organizers have said that if the games do not go as planned this summer, the games will simply be canceled, not postponed again.


  • Japan has sunk an unprecedented amount of money into these games.


  • These games were already set to be the most expensive summer games on record.


  • And now, because of the postponement and because of Covid-19 prevention measures, that cost has only increased by billions more to now $15.4 billion.

    而現在因為延期和新冠肺炎的預防措施,成本已從數十億增加到現在的 154 億美元。

  • Selena Wang, CNN, Tokyo.

    Selena Wang,CNN,東京。

  • [Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient "snack bar" in the ruins of Pompeii, Italy.]


  • [Experts say this their first time finding a complete example of a "thermopolium".]


  • [It's a hot food and drinks shop that would serve the equivalent of ancient street food.]


  • [It was adorned with colored frescoes depicting animals that were likely on the menu.]


  • [Traces of nearly 2,000-year-old food were found in deep terra cotta jars in the shop.]

    [商店裡的深陶罐中發現了近 2000 年的食物痕跡。]

  • [Pompeii was home to about 13,000 people when it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD.]

    [西元 79 年,龐貝城被火山爆發摧毀,當時約有 13000人居住於此。]

  • For 10 out of 10, this method of Christmas tree recycling is sure to get your goat.


  • At a farm in Massachusetts, it's like Christmas morning for the animals who love to eat the old trees.


  • It's not just the Nigerian dwarf goats on the property who enjoy the special treat.


  • It's the chickens to who apparently pick off the needles for a snack.


  • This all started when the family who owns the farm tried giving their tree to the goats.


  • And after that, well, they didn't need to needle their friends and neighbors to goat them into a recycling program, that people weren't chicken to join.


  • Its like a barnyard eat along.


  • That's tough to bleat, and no one thinks it's a bad idea.


  • That's just terrible.


  • Before we go today, want to give a shout out to our friends in Medford, Massachusetts.


  • All those students watching at Medford High School. You guys awesome.


  • We picked these schools from the comments of our most recent show at

    這些學校是我們從 最新節目的留言中挑選出來的。

  • I'm Carl Azuz.

    我是Carl Azuz.。

  • You have an amazing rest of your day, Yeah.


It's January 5th- - election day in one particular US state, but it has ramifications for the whole country.

1 月 5 日是美國某州的選舉日,但這對整個國家都會有影響。

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