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  • ...let them know that they  shouldn't be touching the doors  

  • NYA "magical train station wake up skill power  beam boost".

  • You start saying the traffic light is blue instead of saying it's green.

  • Hey guys and girls it's CathyCat your flashy fashion reporter here from Tokyo.

  • and this time we're gonna  talk about five things that people who've lived in Japan for too long might do, might catch  themselves out doing, that almost count as having turned them a little bit Japanese. What could it be? Let's go and find out together let's go  

  • Number one. when you ride a taxi or when you get out of a taxi in Japan here you never touch the doors...

  • The same way that the black cabs are unique to the United Kingdom so do Japanese cabs have a very specific or special mechanism in the doors.

  • And that mechanism lets the driver of the cab open the doors for you.

  • You don't have to touch it.

  • He opens it for you to step in and he opens it for you after you paid the bill to leave the cab.

  • I must  say a couple of foreigners get that wrong at the start they open the door by themselves and  they close it by themselves and it can make the cab driver pretty angry because that mechanism  isn't built for that...

  • it can apparently also break it if you really put a lot of force and effort into it.

  • So if you have friends and they're new to Japan and they're just about to go with you on the cab maybe let them know that they shouldn't be touching the doors because it's dangerous and  it's not good...

  • but once you've lived here for a long time you kind of expect the driver to do it and you kind of get a little bit annoyed if he's taking too much time opening the door for you so that's one of the things that you're realize.  

  • So don't touch the doors just step out or into the cab like that that's one of the things if you live here for long enough you do it automatically but when you're new here you might get confused about.  

  • So when you go back to your family house in your own country you feel like out of place NYA because you should have taken your shoes off NYA.

  • when you enter someone's house NYA therefore NYANYA when you enter someone's house with shoes on you're  not happy and you feel like something's wrong  

  • So when you go back to your family in your own country you feel like out of place NYA because you should have taken your shoes off NYA.

  • Number three you can do the "magical train station wake up skill power beam boost"  

  • What do I mean by that now Japanese people generally if they get a seat on the train and if they're going out of Tokyo to go where they live  because it's cheaper out of Tokyo they sometimes are on the train for an hour an hour and a half  two hour or even longer and some people have it down to a notch that the moment ...

  • they sleep the whole journey but they wake up one minute before their station.

  • I don't know how they do it it's a real skill I thought I could never do it but when I started doing the full-on commute into work out of Tokyo two and a half hours commute or similar things like that I started getting  so tired that I learned to sleep on the train that was step one and then step two I actually  did the thing...

  • I actually woke up just before my stop or when my stop was announced and I don't know how I don't know why it's some kind of magic voodoo thing and it's working, it's working  you just wake up magically it's fascinating  

  • Number four you start developing a taste for plain white rice

  • Japanese people will sooner or later say they miss rice and they just want the rice the way they're used to it meaning the Japanese type of sticky rice which means it sticks together and it's really tasty and you actually figure out you don't need much more.

  • so for example you can just havebowl of like hot steaming rice and then maybe a little bit of flavoring with it or maybe a bit of salt with it or a bit of soy sauce with it.

  • And it's fine you don't even more so if you have just a salted onigiri the ones that you can sometimes get in the supermarket and that's all you need you're good...

  • you don't need all the fancy stuff and I think that's interesting I never saw rice the same way we had like different types of rice in Germany and with like wild rice and dark rice and all kinds of rice flavors but when you come to Japan you start to love the "shokkan".

  • the way how there's a bite to the rice and the way the rice sticks together and you don't need much more it's fascinating sometimes all I just  want is a boil a bowl of steaming hot rice and a raw egg on top and that's it...

  • maybe a bit of  soy sauce I tell you it's delish... it's so good  

  • Number five you start saying the traffic light is "blue" instead of saying it's "green"

  • nowdon't know why Japanese people say this usually "The traffic light turned blue"

  • meaning the traffic light has turned blue for us it's usually green but culture perception can be different so the green light you can see  here right now in Japanese you'd actually say the light is blue and once you get used to telling that or hearing that  

  • you might catch yourself out on actually also referring to this color as blue Heydon't know why but you have it just happens I tell you it happens

  • cultural perceptions  

  • Those were five things that you might catch yourself doing when you've lived in Japan for a little bit too long.

  • Another one that happened to me this morning was when I was getting ready putting all of this on I was too lazy to check where my phone was, wanted to find out what time it is and turned my water tab to hot water and there's a little display in my bathroom that then told me the time.

  • Is there anything we missed in this list let us know in the comments down below  

  • I hope you've already subscribed for more stuff here from Tokyo and don't forget to give us a like to say thanks for this video it was lovely hanging out with you and I catch you soon with another video from Ask Japanese

  • This was CathyCat and take care. Bye!

...let them know that they  shouldn't be touching the doors  


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