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  • We're gonna just look back to the Sunday's game against the Titans as an extreme example as to why Lambeau Field is such a huge advantage.


  • All right, Lewis, you're back with us here, and I want to start with you.


  • What quarterback do you think is most likely to be able to beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers at Lambeau Field?


  • Yeah, I think it's gonna be Russell Wilson for me because of the fact that he's one of those guys who you know, when you're talking about going upto Lambeau Field and let's just let's just assume that it's gonna be bad weather.

    是的,我認為它會是拉塞爾・威爾遜對我來說, 因為事實上,他是那些誰的傢伙,你知道, 當你說要去蘭博體育場,讓我們只是讓我們只是假設 這將是壞天氣。

  • It's gonna be cold is gonna be in the twenties, maybe even in the teens.


  • And possibly it's gonna be a slick field, you know, whether it be sleet, snow, what have you.

    而且可能會是一個光滑的領域,你知道, 無論是雨夾雪,雪,你有什麼。

  • Russell is one of those Ad libber is one of those second reaction throwers, all scheduled type of playmakers that could just give a defense fits.


  • And he could match Green Bay's firepower offensively, namely Aaron Rodgers in that combination run passing attack.


  • I believe point for Point is long as he's able to get the kind of protection that he needs and that his wide receiver corps is healthy and that they are at full strength going in that football thing football game.


  • I think he has the kind of ability any has, the kind of mental wherewithal and resilience to be able to withstand.


  • What is what is really just ridiculously tough conditions in order to, you know, when you're talking, sustaining your mental focus and sustaining your ability to physically perform for 3.5 hours in that kind of environment, it is a tough, tough situation that then.


  • That's not to say that guys like Drew Brees and where Tom Brady couldn't do the same.


  • But I think Russell is uniquely qualified in order to handle this kind of thing.


  • I think this football team, because of the fact that it is a traditionally run centric football team that could really pound the football and take some air out of the football and keep it away from a guy like Aaron Rodgers, also gives them an advantage.


  • As far as going up there and performing in those kind of conditions and then lastly, the defense for Seattle is starting to improve.


  • I believe they are very strong down the middle.


  • Bobby Wagner is a short fire hall of Famer when he retires at linebacker.


  • I think Jamal Adams has really found his niche within this defense and is a guy who was an absolute game record up around the line of scrimmage.


  • It could make things very difficult for a guy like Aaron Rodgers with his pass rushing ability and his ability to be a force against the run.


  • And we know that the Packers have a good run offense as well.


  • So I think Seattle just overall would give them a tough matchup up there.


  • I think look, the Saints could do it as well as their defense, and because of the fact that they have Alvin Kamara, the Bucks could do it.


  • Justus.


  • Well, because Tom Brady is the greatest wonder that this league has ever seen.


  • But I really like Seattle's chances if they have to go in there and give Green Bay a run for their money.


  • Yeah, I think that a couple of weeks ago we were talking about Lambeau like it was gonna be really hard to go in there and win, and I don't think it's gonna be easy to go in and win.

    是的,我想幾周前我們還在談論蘭博球場... ...就像要去那裡贏球真的很困難一樣,我不認為去那裡贏球會很容易。

  • But the way that you made that argument, I think you're right.


  • Like you named a few teams that I think you could see going there and win.


  • I don't think it's out of the question.


  • Even Drew Brees might be the one who, at his age and the way his armed strength seems to be deteriorating, might be the guy who would be most concerned about what you named it, that offensive line and Alvin Kamara.


  • And that defense gives you enough to go in there and win.


  • But the team in the quarterback, I guess in this situation that I have the most faith in going into Lambeau is Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


  • I'm not sure how much faith I have in the Bucks getting to that game, but if they get to that game, Tom Brady is one of the best, if not the best cold weather quarterbacks we ever had.


  • And he has those really talented receivers.


  • I don't think he's gonna have any problem moving the ball or scoring points and they play them.


  • Granted, it was in Tampa Bay.


  • They played them earlier this season, and the Bucks 1 38 to 10 like that doesn't.

    他們本賽季早些時候和他們交手,籃網1 38比10這樣的不。

  • To me, that doesn't seem like a fluke.


  • That seems like a team that controlled, uh, Aaron Rodgers.


  • And that defense found a way to play well against Aaron Rodgers.


  • And I think you and I agree that going upto Lambo is difficult, but it's gonna be easier with no fans.


  • The weather conditions are a problem, but they got heated benches.


  • They got chicken broth on the sideline.


  • They got big coats.


  • They got gloves and long sleeve thermal shirts like they're gonna be all right as long as they're not out there thinking about Damn, I'm so cold, Like, to me, that's the biggest challenge.

    他們戴著手套,穿著長袖保暖衫,好像只要他們不在外面想 "媽的,我太冷了 "就不會有事,對我來說,這才是最大的挑戰。

  • The field is heated.


  • The biggest challenge is to be able to focus on your job and not focus on how you can't feel your fingertips necessarily.


  • And I think I hope, even though they have some young guys on defense, that the Bucks are able to do that.


  • And most of those teams that we talked about the Saints, they're mentally tough team.


  • Even though they play in the dome, they bounced back from so many, so many painful postseason losses that they're not a mentally weak team, and the same is true for the Seahawks up there.


  • So all those teams probably could go in there and win.


  • But if the questions about a quarterback in cold weather Tom Brady is my pick, Yeah, all these All these teams have some championship DNA within them, whether it's as a team overall, like Seattle or in Tampa Bay's case with Tom Brady, which is right now, he's trying to inject that tamp that championship DNA into the rest of this roster.


  • The only thing I will say, though, is this.


  • As far as you know, you mentioned in the fact that it would be out the fans, I would argue, quite honestly, done that.


  • It's harder now without the fans, because we were up in Green Bay early in the season.


  • We went to see them, you know, Monday night against Atlanta Falcons.


  • I'll tell you this when it's cold, like that out there in Green Bay and the lighting and such in that stadium, when there's no one in it, it really is one of those situations where it's like, eerily quiet, it's dark.


  • The surrounding area around Green Bay around Lambeau field is kind of dark and very secluded, and you know it's in that small town and for a football team, look, if you don't come out the gates humming as a visiting team and it's cold and it's snowing and it's dark and you just see it in that bowl.


  • It's kind of dark in the upper areas of that, that stadium, and you're freezing your rear end off and Aaron Rodgers is lighten you up.

    這是種黑暗的上部區域,該體育場, 你凍結你的後端和阿龍羅傑斯是光你。

  • If you don't come out the gates humming many times, people are sitting there going, Hey, man, and how much time is left on this clock?


  • How much?


  • How quick can we get back in the night locker room on this bus and back to the Green Bay Airport?


  • Er, Appleton or wherever you fly out of and get me out of here?


  • Because you know that cold up there that cold up there is a different kind of cold man.


  • It's the kind of cold that makes you want to say, Look, I know as a broadcaster, I was thinking, How quickly can we get back to the truck?


  • I don't even want to sit out here on this football field so You know, if you're in there in an empty stadium and you can hear everything and you come out there and Aaron Rodgers starts lighting you up, it's a different kind of thing going up there.

    我甚至不想坐在這裡 在這個足球場上,所以你知道,如果你在那裡 在一個空曠的體育場,你可以聽到的一切 你在那裡和亞倫・羅傑斯開始照亮你, 這是一種不同的事情去那裡。

  • And Aaron talked about it.


  • He said, Look, it's really just a race to see who can last the longest.


  • Which team could withstand it?


  • The longest.


  • And they're used to it.


  • And if you're not used to it, um, that's a different animal up there, man.


  • It's a difference.


  • You just hope to.


  • Green Bay gets knocked out before you have to go up there.


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We're gonna just look back to the Sunday's game against the Titans as an extreme example as to why Lambeau Field is such a huge advantage.


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