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  • How many of you are fans of Japanese food, tiktakers? You might remember that a while

  • ago we talked about sushi, but lately we discovered another Japanese dish that is becoming pretty

  • popular. If we tell you this is Naruto's favorite dish, would you know what it is? That's right,

  • it's ramen!

  • But the truth is that this dish didn't originate in Japan, but in China. In fact, at first

  • it was called Shina-soba or Chuka-soba, which literally means "Chinese noodles soup". The

  • term "ramen" originated in the mid '50s, and it probably came from the Japanese pronunciation

  • of the Chinese characters "la", stretch, and "mian", noodles, referring to the artisan

  • way to make them.

  • Ramen started to be served in restaurants in Guangzhou and Shanghai at the beginning

  • of the century, as a cheap and easy to prepare dish: A noodle soup made with few ingredients

  • in a broth based on salt and pig bones. It was precisely how cheap it was that made it

  • popular among workers who would order them from street vendors, who would use a musical

  • horn called a shawm to attract the workers' attention.

  • After World War II ramen made its jump to Japan: At Hokkaido's capital, the famous island

  • north of the country, the "Sapporo ramen" became quite popularso much so that in

  • 1958 the food company Nissin Foods launched its "chicken ramen" to the market: The first

  • ever instant noodle soup.

  • In the '80s and '90s it went from being a simple garnish to a main dish that was quick

  • to make and easy to eatthey even made entire TV shows dedicated to it! It was just

  • a matter of time before ramen was exported to the rest of the world.

  • But how do you prepare ramen, exactly? Well, it has three main ingredients: The first ones

  • are the "men", or noodles, which are made by hand with wheat flour, salt, and kansui,

  • which is a mix of water with potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate, and phosphoric acid.

  • The broth is what differentiates the different kinds of ramen:

  • The most traditional kind in Japan is the Shōyu ramen, which is made with chicken,

  • soy sauce and rayu, a kind of red pepper extract.

  • Then there's the Tonkotsu ramen, which is thicker since it incorporates pig meat.

  • There's also ramen made with miso, a paste made of soybeans.

  • And we also have the Shio ramen, the simplest and lightest of them, with the most Chinese

  • influence.

  • The last ingredient is the "gu" or garnish added to the ramen. Here we have a world of

  • options to choose from! The most popular garnishes are:

  • Boiled eggs

  • Bamboo or menma sprouts

  • Nori or wakame seaweeds

  • Chashū, which are slices of roasted pig

  • Kimchi made with Chinese sprouts

  • And the famous and colorful fish paste called naruto. Do you understand the reference now?

  • Hmmisn't your mouth watering now, tiktakers? Because now we're gonna run to our favorite

  • Japanese restaurant and order a good bowl of ramen! And what about you? Have you tried

  • ramen before? And if so, which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

How many of you are fans of Japanese food, tiktakers? You might remember that a while


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