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  • Here's how to make your Apple AirPods louder.

    下面會教如何讓你的蘋果 AirPods 更響亮。

  • Use our clickable sections below to keep track of what step you're on during this tutorial.


  • You can always just use the volume buttons and slider on your iPhone if your AirPods are connected.

    如果你的 AirPods 已經連接,你只需要使用你 iPhone 上的音量鍵和滑標。

  • You can also use Siri to adjust your volume.

    你也可以使用 Siri 來調整音量。

  • For first generation AirPods, you can double-touch the side of your AirPods to activate Siri.

    第一代 AirPods 的使用者可以點擊兩次 AirPods 的側面來啟動 Siri。

  • Just say, "Hey, Siri", then say "Increase volume".


  • If you have second-generation AirPods or later, this also includes AirPod Pros, and you've set up the "Hey Siri" function on your iPhone, you can simply say "Hey, Siri," and then ask Siri to adjust the volume.

    如果你有第二代 AirPods 或更之後的版本(包括 AirPod Pros),且你已經在 iPhone 上設置了「嘿 Siri」功能,那你指需要說「嘿,Siri」,然後要求 Siri 調整音量。

  • Asking Siri to increase your volume will increase the volume in 12 percent intervals.

    要求 Siri 增加你的音量,會讓音量以12%的間隔增加。

  • You can also tell Siri to increase the volume by a specific percentage or to a specific percentage.

    你也可以告訴 Siri 將音量增加一個特定的百分比或到一個特定的百分比。

  • "Hey Siri, raise the volume by 40%." or "Hey Siri, raise the volume to 80%."

    像是「嘿,Siri,把音量提高40%」,或者「嘿,Siri 把音量提高到80%。」

  • Make sure to be careful when telling Siri to raise the volume to a specific percentage, as the volume can get uncomfortably loud.

    讓 Siri 將音量提高到特定百分比時一定要小心,因為音量可能會大聲到很不舒服。

  • If these methods don't make it loud enough for you, you can also try to clean your AirPods.

    如果這些方法對你來說還不夠響亮,你也可以嘗試清理你的 AirPods。

  • Check out our video in the description below on how to properly do this.


  • It's also possible that your AirPods needs to be calibrated to your iPhone as your two devices may not be on the same page when it comes to the range of the volume.

    也有可能是你的 AirPods 需要根據 iPhone 進行校準,因為在音量範圍上,你的兩臺設備可能沒有同步。

  • First, put your AirPods in your ears and start playing music.

    首先,把 AirPods 放在耳朵裡,開始播放音樂。

  • Then, using the volume buttons on your iPhone, turn the iPhone's volume all the way down.

    然後,使用 iPhone 上的音量鍵,將 iPhone 的音量全部調低。

  • You shouldn't hear anything from your AirPods now.

    此時你應該不會聽到任何來自 AirPods 的聲音。

  • Swipe down from the top right of your iPhone to display the Control Panel, and tap the Bluetooth button to disable Bluetooth.

    現在從 iPhone 的右上方向下滑動以顯示控制台,並點擊藍牙按鈕來關閉藍牙。

  • Start playing music again, this time through your iPhone's own speakers.

    再次開始播放音樂,這次是通過你 iPhone 本身的喇叭。

  • Using your iPhone's volume buttons, turn the volume all the way down.


  • Now, reconnect your AirPods.

    現在重新連接你的 AirPods。

  • Tap Bluetooth to turn it back on.


  • You might also need to open the Settings app.


  • Tap Bluetooth and tap AirPods to reconnect them.

    點擊藍牙,然後點擊 "AirPods" 來重新連接它們。

  • Finally, play music again, adjusting the volume as needed.


  • If your AirPods are quiet when listening to music to the music app, there are a couple steps that can fix that.

    如果你的 AirPods 在使用音樂程式聽音樂時沒有聲音,可以用有幾個步驟解決。

  • First, go into "Settings".


  • Tap "Music".


  • Make sure that "EQ" is set to "Off".

    確保 「EQ」 被設置為「關閉」。

  • If it's turned on, tap "EQ", and then tap "Off".


  • If one ear sounds louder than the other, an accessibility setting in the iPhone might be suppressing the volume in one ear. For this, you'll want to start the Settings app.


  • Tap "Accessibility".


  • In the "Hearing" section, tap "Audio/Visual".


  • Make sure that the left/right slider under "Balance" is balanced with the buttons in the middle.


  • If it's slid to the right or the left, slide it back to the center.


Here's how to make your Apple AirPods louder.

下面會教如何讓你的蘋果 AirPods 更響亮。

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