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So, last night I was at the drug store refilling my prescription for .....
You know what? It's not even your business, actually!
I was at the drug store,
and I was shopping,
and I realized we have way too many choices of every kind of product.
Don't you think there are so many different things out there?
The world is cluttered.
You know they say variety is the spice of life, but maybe we're getting too spicy.
The amount..... Let me just show you.
I brought some of these things back.
And I put it on my expense account, so I could just buy everything.
These are toothpastes that are just at that one drug store.
Isn't that ridiculous?
Here is one I found.
This is Aquafresh.
And it's called extreme clean.
And it has whitening action.
Right there, if you see that.
Alright, so you have the whitening action,
and, which is, who doesn't want that?
I'm not gonna pass that up.
Until you get to the next one.
You see this one, Aquafresh advanced two times whitening.
Now, why wouldn't I choose that?
So that to me, if you don't have a flash light, you're teeth can help you see in the dark.
Just smile. and you see where you're going.
Here's one, this is Crest, and it's 3D white,
which means you're teeth will be incredibly white, but only people with special glasses can see.
This is interesting. Someone came up with this.
Crest, and it's whitening.
with, of course, everybody wants the whitening.
There's nothing that says "not whitening".
Uh, whitening plus scope and then it has citrus splash.
See that?
It's the wonderful taste of drinking orange juice right after you brush your teeth.
We're all looking for that delicious flavor in your mouth.
Alright, here are the choices of deodorants that I found.
A lot of deodorants.
Now, thanks to extreme couponing, you're not gonna believe this:
I got all this, 38 cents.
Now, if your favorite deodorant is Secret, you're in luck, because here are some of the deodorant choices for Secret.
Secret comes in a spray which I thought was illegal.
And, so you can have that if you want.....
I don't know who's still using spray.
How many people are still using spray for under your arms?
Really? Um... OK.
One person, it's good, here it is.
It's right here for you.
That's why they still have it as an option.
And then here is one that's pH balance, right here.
And I don't need that, because my pool guy does that for me.
Here's another Secret, this is called "Flawless Renewal".
Flawless Renewal.
What does that mean?
Carol what are you using?
You have the armpits of a twenty-year-old.
If none of these are what you want, you can use clinical strength sport.
Look at that!
It says it's marathon fresh scent.
Marathon fresh that is like saying locker room breeze.
I don't understand all the choices we have,
but I guess people like choices.
So, I'm gonna give you a choice right now.
My back has been out, and it's still healing,
but your choices are I can either not dance at all or I can dance very very slowly.



【艾倫秀】如何做選擇? (Ellen Show: So Many Choices)

44267 分類 收藏
Colin Lin 發佈於 2014 年 11 月 29 日    Colin Lin 翻譯    許瓊文 審核
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