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  • going from Florence to Frankfurt.


  • Paris to Prague across border vaccination program off Unprecedented scale was launched in Europe on Sunday after European governments were criticized at the start of the coronavirus pandemic for failing toe work together.


  • The hope now is that a coordinated response will ensure equal distribution of vaccines across the region.


  • Home to 450 million people.


  • The EU has secured contracts for more than two billion vaccine doses and has set a goal for all adults to be inoculated during 2021.


  • At the front of the queue in Germany on Sunday was 101 year old Gertrud Horse, who received Berlin's first vaccination at her nursing home.


  • It it is very dangerous.


  • We hear and read about it and there are so many people dying in other homes.


  • It is horrible and that is why it is so good that we could be vaccinated against it.


  • It is a big advantage for all of us who live here in Rome, Nurse Claudia Oliver Nini was among three healthcare staff to receive at least first shots of a vaccine developed by Pfizer and Bio Tech.


  • She urged other Italians to follow her example, saying medicine and science are the only means we have.


  • Survey suggests there are high levels of hesitancy towards the vaccine in populations across Europe, prompting leaders of the 27 nation European Union to promote this as the best chance to get back to something like normal life next year.


  • While Europe has some of the best resource health care in the world, the sheer scale of the operation has seen some countries call retired medics back into service, while others have loosened rules on who is allowed to give the shots no Outside the EU, Britain, Switzerland and Serbia have already started vaccinating their citizens in recent weeks.


going from Florence to Frankfurt.


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B1 中級 中文 疫苗 接種 歐洲 歐盟 規模 克勞迪婭

歐洲發起前所未有的疫苗接種運動 (Europe launches unprecedented vaccination campaign)

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