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  • breaking down plastic using plastic eating bacteria.


  • That's what these two young scientists in Hungary are doing.


  • We have a couple of cocktails here, special mixtures for special things.


  • They've developed a bacteria cocktail that consumes any single use plastic in seven weeks without prior chemical treatment or processing.


  • I'm less Madaras I'm Christina, where the co founders of Politics Hungarian Biotech Company, which has developed plastic eating bacteria.


  • The cocktail ingredients are highly secret, but Polly Loop CEO Liz Madaras says if it can be mass produced, it could mean a significant step in reducing plastic waste globally.

    這款雞尾酒的成分是高度保密的,但Polly Loop的CEO Liz Madaras表示,如果能大規模生產,就意味著在全球減少塑膠垃圾方面邁出了重要一步。

  • We saw plastic waste pollution as a very, very pertinent issue.


  • So we we decided to try to combine biotechnology and chemical engineering to create a media which can actually bring plastics back into the natural life cycle to which they once belonged.


  • After two weeks, the process produces shreds of plastic.


  • This is how it's going to look like in two weeks that then becomes a brown liquid sludge.


  • By the end of week seven and seven weeks time, it goes to this the sludge, which is the end product of our process.


  • Initial lab tests show that the sludge is safe to use as a soil improver.


  • The degradation process is very similar to have those leaves, uh, disappear from from, uh, autumn until springtime, A consortia of microbes bio degrades them, and this is what we're doing with our bacteria and fossil based plastics.

    降解過程是非常相似的 有那些葉子,呃,消失 從,呃,秋天,直到春天的時候, 一個微生物的生物降解它們, 這就是我們正在做什麼 與我們的細菌和化石基塑膠。

  • If it works on a large scale, it can make a global impact because the problem with plastics up until now was that they lingered on in the environment forever.


  • But once we can biodegrade them, bring them back into the natural environment, they become part of nature again become part of the global recycling system, not just the human one.


  • There are successful attempts globally to degrade plastic, but Polly Loop degrades all types of plastic, including multi layer packaging on mixed plastic blends.

    全球範圍內都有降解塑料的成功嘗試,但Polly Loop可以降解所有類型的塑膠,包括混合塑膠的多層包裝。

  • There are successful attempts with P e T degradation, though, but in our case, we do all types of plastics from resident identification one through seven, and that includes other plastics as well, such as multi layer packaging or mixed plastic blunt.

    雖然有成功的嘗試與P e T降解,但在我們的情況下,我們做的所有類型的塑膠從居民識別一到七,這也包括其他塑膠,如多層包裝或混合塑膠鈍化。

  • Polly Loop now has investment to build their first industrial plant, where they'll test the degradation on a larger scale.


  • They're also experimenting with what they're cocktail could do with other types of fossil based contaminants such as diesel.


breaking down plastic using plastic eating bacteria.


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