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  • Tesler could have bean part off Apple by now.


  • Founder Elon Musk says he once tried to sell his car firm to the Silicon Valley giant Andi.


  • It could have been a bargain with an asking price, 1/10 off its current value.


  • But he says Apple chief Tim Cook refused to take a meeting.


  • Musk claims the attempted sale came during the darkest days off the firm's Model three development.

    馬斯克稱,這次嘗試的出售是在公司Model three開發的最黑暗時期進行的。

  • Back in 2017 and 2018, Tessler was struggling to ramp up output off the mid priced Sudan.


  • At the time, Musk said it was in production.


  • Hell, however, Tesler overcame the troubles and has since racked up a Siri's off quarterly profits.


  • On Monday, it joined the S and P 500 becoming one of the most valuable companies in the benchmark stock index.

    週一,它加入了S和P 500成為基準股指中最有價值的公司之一。

  • There was no comment on Musk's claims from Apple, but if true, the iPhone maker might now be ruing its decision.


  • Reuters this week reported that it's looking to produce an electric vehicle by 2024 using a new battery technology.


  • Buying Tesler might have bean a cheaper way to do it.


  • Musk has also cast doubt on claims made about Apple's new batteries in a tweet, he says, the so called mono cell system wouldn't be able to produce anywhere near enough power.


Tesler could have bean part off Apple by now.


由 AI 自動生成

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埃隆-馬斯克稱曾想把特斯拉賣給蘋果公司 (Elon Musk says had once tried to sell Tesla to Apple)

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