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The infamous Hank Palmer.
The jaded lawyer with no respect for the law.
Did that just happen?
How does it feel knowing every person you represent is guilty?
It's fine.
Innocent people can't afford me.
All rise.
Is there anything either council would care to add?
My mom passed away this morning.
Is this the first time your mom passed away or is this something that you do in all the cases you're about to lose?
First time.
So, grandpa Palmer is dead too?
No. Grandpa Palmer is dead to me. It's like a figure of speech.
Sounds complicated. I should go with you.
Trust me, nobody wants to go to Carlinville, Indiana.
Oh, God. Here we go.
We can barely stand the sight of each other.
Hank, thanks for coming.
I'm sure your mother would have appreciated it.
Hank Palmer.
Sheriff White. It's regarding your father.
Biggest mistake of your career and you just happen to run him over?
Forensics found traces of blood on your dad's car.
I sat on the bench of that courtroom for 42 years.
This was an accident, period.
We need to establish a firm defense.
There is no "we" here, Henry. I wish I liked you more.
- I can't stay. - You're a lawyer, he's your father.
You leave now, you'll regret it.
You're a shined up wooden nickel, Mr Palmer.
I'm gonna impale your client on a first degree murder charge.
And you'll get a front row seat.
My father is a lot of unpleasant things. Murderer is not one of them.
I have memories of us.
Then I don't.
Was I tough on you? Yes! I did what I thought was right.
In my experience, Hank, sometimes you've got to forgive in order to be forgiven.
- You and I are finally done. - Oh, we're not done.


動人好片!電影《大法官》預告片 The Judge Trailer (HD)

86108 分類 收藏
nckuba 發佈於 2014 年 10 月 25 日    鄭小鬼 翻譯    Halu Hsieh 審核
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