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  • Welcome to E-com Love Idioms and Expressions 31.

  • In these videos, we'll teach you phrases often heard in romantic comedies

  • and phrases you can use in your own love lives.

  • We'll give you some examples and tell you the correct situations in which you can use these phrases.

  • So, listen carefully, have fun and let's get started!

  • Hello! Today's love expression is:

  • All right, so let's imagine love being blind.

  • So, you can't see anything and that's exactly what this idiom means.

  • When you're deeply in love, or in lust, maybe you don't see the bad qualities in someone.

  • Maybe it's physical or their inner character, but you don't see the bad parts.

  • So, you're kind of blind in love.

  • Let's listen to two examples.

  • Here's the first one:

  • Sarah, what's with your boyfriend's new haircut?

  • Oh, he wanted to shave it for summer. It looks great, right?

  • Um. Well, I guess love really is blind.

  • Ha. Ha.

  • Okay, so in this case, her boyfriend got a new haircut and maybe it looked terrible,

  • but she thought it looked nice, because she's in love and love is blind.

  • All right, here's the second example:

  • I can't believe I didn't know he was cheating on me!

  • You know what they say, love is blind.

  • There were so many signs, but I just couldn't see them.

  • Don't worry, there are better fish in the sea!

  • All right, so in this case, she was in love and her boyfriend was cheating on her,

  • but she didn't see any of the signs that he was a bad guy.

  • All right, so these are two examples of how to use love is blind.

  • I hope that you'll try using it in your life and you'll be careful not to get blinded by love.

  • We'll see you next time!

Welcome to E-com Love Idioms and Expressions 31.


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易通英語。愛情成語與表達2/31:愛情是盲目的 (E-com English: Love Idioms & Expressions 2/31: love is blind)

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