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  • hello it is jennifer from tarle speech  with your christmas homophone lesson we  


  • have three words today i love this one claws  which are sharp nails typically on animals  


  • clause an article in a contract or a grammatical  structure and claus the big guy himself  


  • santa claus so let's go ahead and takelook at our words we have clause clause and  

    santa claus,所以讓我們繼續前進,並採取 看看我們的話,我們有句子條款和

  • clause fairly easy lesson what you're going to  do is you're going to start with the k sound your  

    句子相當簡單的教訓 你要做的是你要開始與k音你的

  • tongue is going to be low in your mouth for this  sound and the back of your tongue is going to be  


  • pulled up and your mouth is open then you are  going to move to the l kl by just moving your  

    拉起,你的嘴是開放的,那麼你要移動到L kl只是移動你的。

  • tongue from the bottom of your mouth to behind  the back of your top front teeth try not to  


  • move your lips because sometimes that will add an  extra sound in there kl kl then move to the open  


  • oh by opening your mouth wide and an oval tip of  the tongue is low back of the tongue is pulled up  


  • and then end with the z sound yes a z to do this  you are going to have your tongue behind your top  

    然後用z音結束 是的,一個z 要做到這一點,你要有你的舌頭在你的頂部後面。

  • front teeth or pointed down air is going to keep  moving out of your mouth you are not touching  


  • your teeth voice box is on vibrating and moving  let's put it all together claws clause claus claws  


  • clause claus and now for a sentence santa claus  has a clause in the elves contract stating  

    句子:Santa claus和現在的句子Santa claus有一個條款,在精靈們的合同中說明了。

  • the need to keep the animal's claws trimmed so  santa claus has a clause in the elves contract  


  • stating the need to keep his animal's claws  trimmed give it a try people are going to  


  • notice the difference if you found this helpful  please share the christmas joy and share it with  


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hello it is jennifer from tarle speech  with your christmas homophone lesson we  



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