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  • Australia's government announced Wednesday that its most populous state will have eased coronavirus restrictions on Christmas, while Sydney's northern suburbs will remain on lock down.


  • This announcement came as New South Wales reported a second straight day of low case numbers, an indication that social distancing and mass testing measures are containing Australia's latest outbreak in Sydney.


  • State Premier Gladys Barisic Leean said restrictions will be back in place after the holiday.

    國務院總理Gladys Barisic Leean表示,節後將恢復限制。

  • Can I be very clear that whatever we have in place today goes back on the 27th and in between there very modest tweaks and modest changes to account for the fact that everybody has had a very difficult year?


  • Over the weekend, almost a quarter of a million Sydney residents were told not to leave their homes for five days unless for groceries or emergencies.


  • Meanwhile, authorities rushed to contain an outbreak of almost 100 cases.


  • With restrictions eased.


  • Greater Sydney residents may host 10 people in their home, the exception being northern suburbs where residents are allowed up to five on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, so long as there from the area.


very crisp.


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澳洲放寬對聖誕節的限制 (Australia eases restrictions for Christmas)

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