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  • as the world embarks on an unprecedented campaign to bring vaccines to million's, often in remote locations.


  • Vital lessons can be learned from the Democratic Republic of Congo In 2018, during an outbreak of Ebola, health officials here needed to deploy an experimental vaccine that had to be kept at between minus 60 and minus 80 degrees Celsius.

    可以從剛果民主共和國吸取重要教訓 2018年,在埃博拉病毒爆發期間,這裡的衛生官員需要部署一種實驗性疫苗,這種疫苗必須保持在零下60至零下80攝氏度之間。

  • They did that with the architect device effectively a giant thermos that could be filled with vaccines and special ice pack.


  • So global health labs, which helped design our tech, is currently retuning the device for use with dry ice so that each unit could keep upto 1500 doses of Pfizer Byron tax vaccine frozen for several weeks.


  • What if we're dealing with cryogenic vaccines like the Pfizer one currently requires minus 80?


  • We can put your eyes in the Arctic and use it for that.


  • If if somebody would like to use Madonna vaccine, you can get a phase change material at minus 20 and you can store the Madonna vaccine.


  • Africa has so far been spared the worst of the pandemic, but a second wave of infections is currently hit in western central Africa.


  • Experts warn cooler weather could make it worse, focusing minds on vaccination.


  • Between 2018 and 2020 health workers inoculated more than 400,000 people against Ebola, lugging vials colder than an Antarctic winter through equatorial forests.


  • When cars cannot pass the mud clogged roads, they drove motorbikes.


  • If water was the only option, canoes remote locations were not the only problemas, Tory Alesana, vaccine expert of the World Health Organization, explains.

    如果水是唯一的選擇,獨木舟遠程位置不是唯一的 problemas,托里 Alesana,世界衛生組織的疫苗專家解釋說。

  • For example, in Africa, they used to tell that we just usedto make the vaccine to examine ate the African people, or the vaccine will make the main, uh, a weekend it will make the women.


  • In fact, he says, that a communication strategy needs to be in place before the vaccines are distributed.


  • Without public trust, advances in cold chain technology may do little to save lives.


as the world embarks on an unprecedented campaign to bring vaccines to million's, often in remote locations.


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赤道森林中的疫苗如何防寒? (How to keep vaccines cold in equatorial forests)

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