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  • S Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin publicly confirmed on Monday that his department had been breached more than a week after Reuters first reported that multiple government agencies were penetrated in a massive hacking campaign suspected to have been carried out by Russia.


  • Speaking to CNBC, Mnuchin acknowledged that the hackers had breached the Treasury Department's unclassified network but downplayed the severity of the intrusion, saying there was no damage or any large amounts of information displaced.


  • Mnuchin said he would not discuss the situation any further because there were still details that quote, We're not yet ready to disclose U.


  • S government and cybersecurity experts in several countries are still struggling to get their arms around the massive breach, which began earlier this year when hackers subverted the Texas based software company solar winds and used it as a springboard to jump deep into government and corporate networks.


  • Top US officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have blamed Russia for the ambitious espionage operation, although some officials and experts have told Reuters it is too soon to know for sure who is behind the breach.


  • The Kremlin has denied any involvement, and President Donald Trump, who has spent much of his one term in office, defending Russia from various allegations of hacking and interference, downplayed the breach and raised the possibility that China might be involved.

    克里姆林宮否認有任何參與,而總統唐納德-特朗普(Donald Trump)在他的一個任期內,大部分時間都在為俄羅斯辯護,使其免受各種黑客和干涉的指控,他淡化了漏洞,並提出了中國可能參與的可能性。

  • It's certainly appears to be the Russians.


  • Attorney General Bill Bar on Monday became the latest Trump administration official to break with the outgoing president, telling a news conference that he agreed with Palm Pios assessment that Russia was responsible.




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美國財政部證實黑客攻擊,因為更多的是指責俄羅斯。 (U.S. Treasury confirms hack as more blame Russia)

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