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  • Kathy Savoie, Cooperative Extension Educator: "Summer in Maine: The fields are brimming

    Kathy Savoie,合作推廣教育者:"緬因州的夏天。緬因州的夏天:

  • with fresh, local strawberries. Why not plan ahead and freeze some of them so you can enjoy


  • local strawberries year-round? Freezing is a simple, fast and inexpensive method of food


  • preservation.


  • "Supplies and materials needed to freeze: colander, salad spinner, paper towels, clean


  • kitchen towels, strawberry huller, cookie sheet, cutting board and knife (if you want


  • to freeze sliced berries).


  • "Recommended materials for freezing foods: heavyweight plastic freezer-grade bags, rigid


  • freezer containers, freezer jars, heavy duty freezer foil, freezer paper, plastic freezer


  • wrap or vacuum seal pouches.


  • "Materials not recommended for freezing foods: plastic bread wrappers, recycled cottage cheese


  • or yogurt containers, or regular weight foil, plastic wrap or plastic bags.


  • "Get ready: Clean your hands, equipment and work surface before you begin.


  • "Step one: Rinse and hull strawberries.


  • "Step two: Remove excess water. Excess water creates clumped berries that are hard to break


  • up and use. To improve the quality of your frozen product, remove water by spinning in


  • a salad spinner, placing on paper towels or placing on clean towels.


  • "Step three: Pack and freeze. Pack into freezer-grade material, leaving head space for expansion


  • that occurs during freezing. Label, date and freeze at zero degrees for eight to 12 months.


  • "Optional: A tray pack is an alternative that makes strawberries easier to remove from the


  • container. Spread berries in a single layer on shallow trays and freeze. Once frozen,


  • remove from the tray and pack into freezer-grade packaging.


  • "Frozen berries can be used in your favorite recipes, including pies, quick breads, smoothies


  • and shortcakes. They can even be used to make your own jams and jellies.


  • "The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is your go-to resource for the latest USDA


  • recommendations for home food preservation. Check out our website for information including


  • workshops, publications, testing services and more."


Kathy Savoie, Cooperative Extension Educator: "Summer in Maine: The fields are brimming

Kathy Savoie,合作推廣教育者:"緬因州的夏天。緬因州的夏天:

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B2 中高級 中文 冷凍 草莓 容器 漿果 食品 材料

教你冷凍草莓(How to Freeze Strawberries)

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