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  • 2020. The year it all happened.

  • We felt it all, and we watched it all too.

  • When the year began, there was so much to look forward to.

  • And then the world changed.

  • When there were a thousand questions and no answers, we all rallied around one thing.

  • - People thinking that she fed her husband to the tigers ...

  • When it felt like the walls were closing in, we escaped into new realities and adventures.

  • We found ways to come together.

  • We tried new things and got used to a new normal.

  • When finding romance in quarantine proved impossible, we found our crushes on screen.

  • Our homes turned into our first date spots, our playgrounds, our classrooms, and our nights on the town.

  • And, when a moment became a movement, and righteous rage reached its breaking point, we took a hard look in the mirror.

  • We raised our voices.

  • We embraced summer as a state of mind.

  • We even learned how to play chess.

  • We had reason to be hopefulthat extra hour of darkness meant we had another hour of light...

  • And in the end, we watched remarkable people change minds, hearts, and the course of history.

  • Just like 2020.

2020. The year it all happened.


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