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  • a team of 10 international scientists is to travel to the Chinese city of Wuhan next month to investigate the origins of covert 19.


  • That's according to the World Health Organization.


  • Beijing's being reluctant to agree to an independent inquiry, and it's taken many months of negotiation for this access to be allowed.


  • Our China correspondent, Robin Brandt, has more.

    我們的中國記者Robin Brandt將為您帶來更多。

  • It's taken almost exactly a year.


  • So long, in fact, that Wuhan, the city where the outbreak began, is back to normal.


  • People aren't packed indoors, hiding from the virus there, now packed in clubs celebrating their freedom.


  • But after months of negotiation, China has said yes.


  • So a team of 10 international investigators will come here in a matter of weeks on start looking for answers.

    所以一個由10名國際調查員組成的小組 將在幾周內來到這裡開始尋找答案。

  • The city of 10 million, where numerous cases were first reported, will be a significant part of their focus.


  • Was this now infamous market the place where it crossed over into humans?


  • Where and what did the virus actually come from key questions to try to prevent it happening again.


  • For some, though, it's a blame game that's already over.


  • China's secrecy, deceptions and cover up allowed it to spread all over the world, China is already secured a significant agreement from the W H O.

    中國的祕密、欺騙和掩蓋讓它蔓延到全世界,中國已經從W H O那裡獲得了一個重要的協議。

  • This is not a China only investigation that the insistence of Beijing this is a global investigation on its starting in China.


  • The W H O has tried before to do what China's President Xi Jinping did back in March and go to the streets of Wuhan on initial team came in July.

    W H O之前也曾嘗試過像中國國家主席習近平3月時那樣,在7月初步團隊來到武漢街頭。

  • But they didn't make it beyond quarantine in Beijing, the full 10 person team hopes to gather samples here.


  • An interview.


  • Some of the first known people infected much, though, will depend on working with their Chinese counterparts.


  • I think it will be very important for the Chinese government toe.


  • Have transparency so the scientists can look at everything, so I think it will be important for everybody to have open transparent communication.


  • The U.


  • K's ambassador to China has spoken about her government's desire to see a shared understanding of the origins of this virus grounded in science.


  • But at the same time, I've heard from very senior foreign diplomatic voices who express a deep pessimism about an investigation that they fear it will be tarnished from the very outset by political interference from Beijing.


  • The signs from China's state media are not encouraging.


  • They are reporting heavily contested claims of co vid in other countries.


  • Before it was here in China.


  • One prominent senior reporter just today is stating as fact that there were cases in Spain in March of 2019.


  • It's all part of an ongoing effort to cast doubt on the overwhelmingly supported conclusion, but it started in humans here in China.


a team of 10 international scientists is to travel to the Chinese city of Wuhan next month to investigate the origins of covert 19.


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