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  • Hello my friends, today I'm gonna be talking about lucid dreaming.

  • Lucid dreaming is when inside of your dream you consciously realize that you're dreaming.

  • I've actually been fortunate enough to have a couple lucid dreams.

  • One of them I was just hanging out outside and I saw this tall building and was like,

  • "I wonder if I could jump up on top of that?" So I just walked up to it and jumped

  • and it was kind of like Halo how you can jump extremely high.

  • And I just floated way up there but I couldn't quite get to the top.

  • There was another dream where I realized I was dreaming. I was hanging out outside late at night

  • and it must have been somewhere where I wasn't supposed to be hanging out because a cop car drove up and I was like,

  • "oh man, I'm gonna be in trouble." you know? But then I realized, "duh, I'm dreaming!"

  • So, I just looked at the cop car and

  • BOOM!

  • That's one of the sucky parts about lucid dreaming. Right when stuff starts getting way exciting, you wake yourself up!

  • If you've never had a lucid dream, don't worry, There's stuff that you can do to up your chances.

  • What's the point of having a dream if you don't remember it? So, the way to go about this is to get yourself a dream journal

  • and every time you wake up from a dream, just write it down. Write down whatever you can remember.

  • If you practice this over and over then eventually you're gonna get really good at remembering your dreams and everything is going to get more vivid

  • and eventually


  • Another super easy thing you can do is change your diet up a little bit.

  • No I'm not talking about that healthy non-sense,

  • I'm talking about some good old chocolate!

  • Alright, another step that's crucial to having lucid dreams is, "reality checks".

  • What your going to do throughout your waking day whenever you remember,

  • just look down at your hands and count your fingers.

  • What we're trying to do is build up a habit of looking down at your hands and counting your fingers

  • and just looking at them so that when your dreaming your more likely to look at your hands inside of your dream.

  • What's going to happen is while you're dreaming, usually something funky is going on with your hands like,

  • maybe you'll have an extra finger, or maybe you'll have giant hands, or tiny hands.

  • The idea is to notice that something is weird so that in your dream you're able to realize,

  • "wait a second, I'm dreaming."

  • Alright, same concept as with the hands, light switches.

  • Walk around your house throughout your waking hours and just flip lights on and off anytime that you remember.

  • Chances are in your dream you'll wanna go flip a switch

  • and what happens in dreams with light switches

  • is they often won't work or weird stuff starts happening.

  • Damnit!

  • Daddy don't!

  • So I wanna hear from you guys down in the comments.

  • Have you ever had a lucid dream?

  • If you have, what was it about? Share your experience. Post a comment, post a video response.

  • And all you people that haven't had a lucid dream,

  • I wanna hear what would you do if you were all of a sudden inside of a lucid dream? What would you do?

  • The imagination...

  • Alright guys it's been cool, make sure you leave your comments below,

  • It's been a good time. I'll see you next week on Wednesday.

  • Peace out.

Hello my friends, today I'm gonna be talking about lucid dreaming.


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夢境技術 (Lucid Dreaming Techniques)

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