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  • History of Mankind 34 -- Reptilians created Psychics

    desteni跨次元門戶訪問 - 人類歷史第34集:揭密通靈者 -傑克-

  • This is Jack, again, on psychics. Okay, let・s start.

    再次這是傑克, 將談談通靈者, 好, 開始吧,

  • You hadthe psychic,; okay?


  • Now, psychics were system placements in this world


  • to make sure human beings remain within their preprogrammed lives, as I explained in a previous interview

    為了確保人類存在體繼續維持在他們的預編程人生當中, 就像我之前的訪談解釋過的

  • (that all human beingslives--the moment they are born--are already preprogrammed, are already placed, preordained, everything, they just walk that which has already been placed for them),

    (所有的人類的人生-- 在他們出生那刻-- 已經被預編程好, 已經被配置, 預定好, 每一件事, 他們就只是走入已經為他們配置的,)

  • and psychics were those--as systems--that made sure that human beings remained in that and do not deviate at all; another placement-

    而通靈者是那些--等如系統--是為確保人類維持在(預編程人生)其中 並且完全不會偏離:的另一個配置---

  • -there was many--making sure that human beings just don・t find out who they are.


  • So, there is a system inside psychics. It looks as follows: It・s got a round, circular placement inside the mind--okay?-

    所以, 通靈者當中有一個系統, 看起來像是如下: 他的心智中環繞了一個環狀裝置- -好?-

  • -connected to the spine area, which is

    - 連接到了脊椎區域, 即是-

  • vertical, which is vertical along the spine,

    垂直, 垂直於脊椎,

  • and then it had, like, theseIf you place a spider on its back, its legs, in terms of how its legs are formed---like, ‘reaching out’--exactly like that, but now put itup.’

    而然後它有, 這...如果你放一隻蜘蛛在他的背上, 它的腳, 就它的腳是什麼型態而言-- 像是伸展開-- 真確像那樣, 但現在把它立起來

  • That’s howit’s like a spider’s…yeah, exactly like a spider looks like.


  • So, in other words, a human being comes along


  • and asks--or doesn・t even ask--for specific information. They either ask for specific information or don・t; it doesn・t matter.

    然後問-- 或甚至不必問-- 為了特定的訊息. 它們有問特定的訊息或是沒有問: 那沒有差別.

  • So, what happens is that, when a psychic sits in front of the human being

    所以, 發生的是, 當一個通靈者坐在一個人面前,

  • Youre sitting in front of the camera [computer] right now, okay--well, youre basically looking at me right now--so,

    你現在坐在電腦前, 好--- 嗯, 基本上你現在是在看著我-- 所以,

  • in terms of you sitting in front of me, what would happen is…I’m “the psychic,” yourethe human being asking for a


  • specific reading” (or a specific question, or to contact a specific person, et cetera - the name doesn’t even have to be mentioned)

    特定的測讀, 或一個特定的問題, 或是去聯繫一個特定的人(*應指逝者),之類的 - 名字甚至不用被提到,

  • so, what happens is the psychic then


  • Now, this is when the soul construct also still existed. So, remember, your soul construct within you--and within the psychic-

    現在, 這是靈魂結構體還存在時, 所以, 記得, 你的靈魂構體在你之中-- 通靈者之中也有,

  • -contains ALL your information; past lives, this life, all that is still to come in your life is all in your soul construct.

    包含了所有你的資料: 過去幾世, 這一世, 還有你人生中所有正在到來的- 全存於你的靈魂構體當中,

  • It・s in existence in it・s entirety. So, all the information is in you, within your soul construct.

    這是完全的存在於其中. 所以, 所有資料在你當中, 在你的靈魂構體當中,

  • So, all the psychic has to do is connect with your soul, and that・s it,

    所以, 所有通靈者所必須的做就是連結你的靈魂, 而就只是這樣,

  • because in your soul is all that is of you thatis here,・ thatwas,・ and thatis to come.・

    因為在你的靈魂中有 - 所有你現在是的, 曾經是的, 和將會到來的,

  • So, basically, the psychic will then--with theseclaws;--connect into you, okay, will connecthere・ [occipital bones],

    所以, 基本上, 通靈者將會-- 用這些「爪」連接進入你, 好的, 將會連接到這裡 [枕骨] ,

  • the mind, and along your body,

    這心智, 並到達你的身體,

  • and then the soul placement fromhere・ (from your solar plexus)


  • . From the psychic・s solar plexus, it will connect to your solar plexus, where the soul construct is placed within.

    從通靈者的腹腔神經叢, 它將連接你的腹腔神經叢, 放置靈魂構體之處,

  • There, information is thensucked outof you as the being coming to see me as the psychic,

    那些資料然後被「吸出」等如- 來看我這個通靈者- 的你,

  • and--sucking out all your information--into me as the psychic, into that round, circular placement of the mind,

    而-- 吸出所有你的資料-- 進入等如通靈者的我, 進入這環繞, 心智中的環狀裝置,

  • that vertical placement along the spine, and also the claws, everything,

    那垂直配置於脊椎, 而也有這些爪, 每個物件,

  • sucks out all the information, into the psychic, for a moment; and that・s how psychics did readings.

    吸出所有的資料, 進入通靈者, 一陣子, 而那就是通靈者如何測讀的

  • Even throughbecause everything of you, as I’ve said, exists within you-

    甚至連思想... 因為你的每一件事, 像我說過的, 存於你之中--

  • -your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, who you are, what youve experienced, your desires--fucking everything is in you, all;

    -你的思想, 你的情緒, 你的感覺, 你是誰, 你經歷過的, 你的欲望-- 它馬的每一件事都在你之中, 全部,

  • and it・s information, it・s system information. So, it・s a psychic--as a system--plugging into the system, downloading the information, and speaking the information.

    和它的資料, 這是系統資料, 所以, 所以這是一個通靈者-- 等如系統-- 連接進入系統, 下載這資料, 然後說出這資訊,

  • Sometimes, it・s exactly what it is you want to hear; and even going to see psychics was already programmed and placed in,

    有時候, 那確實就是你想要聽到的, 而甚至連去見通靈者 - 也是已經被預編程好並配置入,

  • to make sure that human beings who might, possibly might just deviate and find something that will open the key to thempsychics come into play.

    為確保某些人類也許,可能會就偏離了(預編程)並找到某些東西是那關鍵 - 會到達並開通他們真正自己的... ...通靈者就來玩弄了,

  • So, psychics were systems,

    所以, 通靈者們是系統

  • and that・s exactly how they retrieved information,


  • evenLet’s say you ask them something, but it’s in your mind, like a thought, it doesn’t matter;

    甚至... 讓我們說- 你問了他們某些事, 但那是在你心智當中, 像是思想, 那無關緊要;

  • because of that claw placement inhere・ [occipital bones], it locks immediately into your mind,

    因為這爪配置在這裡[枕骨], 這立即鎖上了你的心智

  • all your information is downloaded into the psychic, and they can speak your thoughts.

    所有的資訊被下載進入通靈者, 然後他們就可以說出你的思想.

  • It・s as simple as that, that・s how it happened.

    就是如此般簡單, 那就是如何發生的

  • So, psychics did not have any contact with dimensional beings;

    所以, 通靈者和跨次元存在體沒有任何的接觸;

  • nor really did the channels, because the channels merely spoke as mind consciousness system channel placements inside their mind.

    靈媒同樣也沒有, 因為靈媒的談話僅僅是源自- 在他們心智當中的心智意識系統靈媒配置.

  • They・d suppress their own mind and another mind speaks. It・s all mind/minds/mind systems.

    他們只是壓制住了靈媒原本的心智- 然後另一個心智出來談話. 這全都只是心智/ 心智們/ 心智系統.

  • So, then, you know, specific information would be given by the psychic--and you・d go, :Oh, my god!

    所以, 你知道, 通靈者會給出特定的資訊-- 而你就變得: 喔, 我的天!

  • That is specific. Yes! I believe you! That is what I must do, I see!;

    那是準確的. 對! 我相信你了! 那就是我必須做的, 我懂了! ;

  • --and then, you fall in the trap of systems and you do exactly what the fucking psychic told you to do,

    --而然後, 你跌入了系統的陷阱- 並且你遵照去做, 它馬的通靈者告訴你該做的那些事,

  • and youre exactly where youre supposed to be in terms of the entrapment of yourself in a preprogrammed consciousness system reality

    而你就在你該在的位置, 就- 困陷你自己在一個被預編程之意識系統現實當中- 而言...

  • and it was as simple as that.


  • So, that・s all I have to say about psychics at the moment. So, I・ll continue in my next interview. Thank you very much.

    所以, 這就是關於通靈者- 所有在這刻我要說的, 所以我會繼續在下一個訪談, 多謝.

History of Mankind 34 -- Reptilians created Psychics

desteni跨次元門戶訪問 - 人類歷史第34集:揭密通靈者 -傑克-


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人類歷史(34):通靈者之真相 (人類歷史(34):通靈者之真相)

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