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  • Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Anxiety - The Design of Anxiety

    Desteni 跨次元空間連接口訪問: 憂慮 - 憂慮的設計

  • This is the design of anxiety


  • communicating about anxiety


  • anxiety is a very fascinating manifestation, it originates from the solar plexus

    憂慮是十分奇妙的實化體, 它源自 腹腔神經叢

  • and then forms a- a V-shape manifestation within your human physical body

    而跟著在你人類物質性身體裏 形成一 一個 V-狀 的實化體

  • so it originates from your solar plexus which is right here

    所以它源自你的 腹腔神經叢 即是這裏

  • and then it stretches out, and then it manifest at these two points right here (chest)

    而跟著它伸展出去, 而跟著它在這兩點 (胸) 實化

  • now these specific two points I am indicating right here- is

    現在這些特定的兩點 我在這裏指出- 是

  • the petrification of the future which is fear of the future

    對未來的駭怕 即是害怕未來

  • now, the underline nature of fear of the future is fear of death

    現在, 這害怕未來 的骨子本質 是害怕死亡

  • now, I am presenting you the secret to the fear of death

    現在, 我在展示給你 這害怕死亡的秘密

  • the fear of death, is the anxiety that has been implanted integrated

    這害怕死亡, 是這被殖入 融合了的

  • manifested and infused into your entire mind consciousness system

    實化著 和融入在你整個思想意識系統裏

  • now what is interesting, what each human being will find within this processes- is that

    現在有趣的是, 每一個人類會發現 在這進程裏- 是

  • you'll realize that everything within you, it looks like

    你會察覺在你裏面所有一切, 就看似

  • it starts with for instance anxiety, and from anxiety

    這例如由憂慮開始, 而從憂慮

  • can look in your world and there will be so many points aspects circumstances events

    可以看入你世界裏 而這會有極多層面 點 情形 事件

  • and people- that

    和人- 會

  • ignite this anxiety within you

    燃起你裏面 的憂慮

  • but as you walk through your process and you apply self-forgiveness

    但當你走透你的進程 而你應用自己-寛恕

  • and self-application in every moment, together with living self-honesty

    和每刻裏 自己-應用, 還有活在 自己-誠實

  • you will- start realizing that

    你會- 開始察覺出這

  • you will get to a point you'll just see anxiety


  • there will be nothing else, just this anxiety

    這會, 就只是這憂慮 其他什麼也没有

  • and that it is in that realization- that

    而這是在這察覺裏- 這

  • it is always just been this anxiety of the mind consciousness system, that has been here

    這一直都只是這 思想意識系統的 憂慮, 一直在那裏

  • but that anxiety has been connected by me through my allowance

    但這憂慮是 透過我容許 被我連駁的

  • to other separated manifestation and sources- from me

    駁到其他分拆離的實化體 和源頭裏- 從我裏面

  • so it is literally self-forgiveness and together with self-application and living self-honesty

    所以這確確實實的 自己-寛恕 還有自己-應用 和活在是 自己-誠實

  • disconnects this entire system you have built upon anxiety

    拆除你整個 基建在憂慮上的系統

  • and the same goes for any other emotion and feeling

    而同樣在任何其他情緒 和感受上

  • it really looks like a tree


  • it's a ball of anxiety in your center of your solar plexus

    這是一個 在你中央 腹腔神經叢裏的 憂慮球

  • from that these relationships that grow up and grow up

    從這裏 這些關係增長 和增長

  • and you have this line and there is a picture, from that picture there is another line and

    而你有這條線 而就有一幅圖畫, 從這幅圖畫 有另一條線 而

  • it is massive! and huge this within human beings

    這在人類裏面是龐大! 而巨大的

  • so as you apply forgiveness you start

    所以當你應用寛恕 你開始

  • completely removing this entire tree system within you

    徹底的除去你裏面 這整棵系統樹

  • and when you get to the source which is just the anxiety

    而當你到了源頭 即是只有憂慮

  • and then from there you will realize: I am not this anxiety

    而跟著從這裏 你會察覺: 我不是這憂慮

  • and then with that realization


  • you let it go


  • and you stop


  • so that's why it is a process


  • because if I were to just remove this entire ball of anxiety with all your connections

    因為如果我只是除去這整個 憂慮球 還連帶著你所有的連駁

  • which just literally looks like a tree, within human beings

    這確確實實, 在人類裏看似一棵樹

  • you would die


  • because that entire system has become you

    因為這整個系統 已化身成了你

  • so, how does this process work?

    所以, 這進程是怎運作的?

  • with self-forgiveness and self-application in every moment

    每一刻用自己-寛恕 和自己-應用

  • you dislocate this entire system, you stop it, you remove it

    你拆散這整個系統, 你停止它, 你除去它

  • you open it up you- erase it with self-forgiveness and self-application

    你開升它 你- 用自己-寛恕 和自己-應用删除它

  • because you! human beings

    因為你! 人類們

  • I'm able to say to you right here you are not anxiety

    我現在可以對你說 你不是憂慮

  • but those words means absolutely nothing to you

    但這些字 對你是毫無意義

  • you have to speak such words for yourself, as an experience of yourself

    你需要為自己 說出這些 字, 等如是你自己的一種體驗

  • as a realization of yourself


  • that you- are able to live and experience and express in every moment

    你- 是能夠在每一刻都活 和體驗 和表現它

  • so- because seriously have a look

    所以- 因為認真的 察看一下

  • if you alone for yourself by yourself dislocate this whole anxiety system for instance

    如果你獨自透過自己 為自己例如拆除這整個 憂慮系統

  • you'll understand how it works


  • you will know! how it works, you will see how it works

    你會知道! 它怎運作, 你會看見它怎運作

  • and then you will not allow it again


  • because you know, if you are going to again fall into anxiety trap

    因為你知道, 如果你再次 跌入憂慮的陷阱

  • you're going to build up that whole system again


  • so your self-focus and self-responsibility and not allowing yourself to then

    所以你自己-専注 和自己-負責 並不容許自己又再

  • after your realization of this entire anxiety system


  • that after you realize that this is not who I am and you

    跟著當你察覺到這不是真相的你 而你

  • apply self-forgiveness you apply yourself and you realize this and you let it go

    應用自己-寛恕 你應用自己 而你察覺這點 而你放開它

  • you will make sure you do not allow that again


  • because you have gone through the experience of that self-forgiveness and self-application

    因為你經歴過這 自己-寛恕 和自己-應用的體驗

  • and therefore you will not allow and accept self-fall

    而因此你不會容許 和接受自己-跌倒

  • excuse me


  • but even if you do fall


  • ok, all you have to do is stand up and start over again but after awhile

    好的, 你需要做是站起來 和重新開始 但過了一段時間

  • if you still allow yourself to fall and you accept and allow yourself to fall

    如果你仍然容許自己 跌倒 而你接受 和容許自己再跌

  • you will get to a point where you will say: This is enough

    你會走到一點當你會說: 夠了

  • and you will not accept and allow yourself to fall

    而你不會接受 和容許自己跌倒的

  • so this is the design of anxiety

    所以這是 憂慮的設計

  • I am really just a ball of anxiety of your entire mind consciousness system

    我真的只是一個 在你整個思想意識系統裏的一個球

  • existing within your solar plexus, connected to your two petrification of future points

    在你的腹腔神經叢裏存在著, 連駁著你駭怕將來的兩點

  • which is actually fear of death


  • which is- fear of the mind not existing anymore because

    即是- 害怕這思想不再存在 因為

  • fear of the mind not existing anymore is actually stating that

    害怕這思想不再存在 是真正在說

  • you're fearing you! not existing anymore

    你在害怕你! 會不再存在

  • therefore human beings, it is a process

    因此人類們, 這是一個進程

  • it is taking all those trees anxiety fear anger all those balls with

    這是應付所有這些樹狀 憂慮 憤怒 所有這些球裏有著

  • those tree like manifestation, systems connected to them

    這些樹狀實化體, 連駁著他們的系統

  • and remove everyone step by step- slowly but surely

    而逐步逐步的 移除每一個人- 緩慢但肯定可以

  • self-forgiveness self-application self-honesty

    自己-寛恕 自己-應用 自己-誠實

  • being specific effective, diligent in every moment

    每一刻 是専注有效, 獻力

  • and human beings


  • have fun


  • this is a very fascinating intriguing and interesting process especially

    這是十分奇妙 詭秘 和有趣的進程 等別在

  • if you do it for yourself


  • as you for you

    等如是你 為自己

  • thank you very much, this is the design of anxiety

    十分多謝各位, 這是憂慮的設計

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Anxiety - The Design of Anxiety

Desteni 跨次元空間連接口訪問: 憂慮 - 憂慮的設計


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焦慮的設計 (The Design of Anxiety)

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