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  • the U.


  • S formally removed Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism on Monday.


  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo maybe announcement bringing to an end a decades old designation that has weighed on the Sudanese economy and curved financial assistance.


  • The United States listed Sudan in 1993 on the grounds that former President Omar al Bashir's regime was harboring militant groups including al Qaida, Hamas and Hezbollah.


  • During the nineties, the regime became a pariah, hosting militant leaders including Osama bin Laden and Carlos the Jackal, on positioning itself as a fulcrum for Islamist movements.

    在九十年代,該政權成為一個棄兒,接納了包括烏薩馬-本-拉登和 "豺狼 "卡洛斯在內的好戰領袖,將自己定位為伊斯蘭運動的支點。

  • However, Bashir had cooperated with the United States on counterterrorism after 9 11.

    不過,巴希爾在 "9-11 "事件後曾與美國進行反恐合作。

  • It's all meant Sudan has been cut off from financial assistance and investment on from the global banking system, Sudan's Prime Minister Abdullah Hand doc, said in a statement.


  • We have been liberated from the global blockade which we were forced into by the behavior of the ousted regime.


  • The initial news in October that Sudan was coming off the U.


the U.


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美國將蘇丹從恐怖主義名單中刪除 (U.S. removes Sudan from terrorism list)

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