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  • self-taught artist who says there is very simple cms from a bomb

  • paintings that are spiritual

  • emotional

  • and created by twelve-year-old prodigy

  • azhar confidently

  • have concious

  • her name is off-key armor

  • she picked up the brush when she was just six years old but the visions

  • what she calls inspiration from god

  • started when she was just four

  • the first time when she came to me

  • and it was there for her what she was saying envision some content

  • since he had seen place that she has visited

  • to begin to describe to our mother in three to ten

  • her visits to heaven combat colors for her

  • out as far in

  • hires

  • lens and i honestly dont

  • ballard

  • from other remarkably

  • within a few years the concept of god never discussed in their home

  • explains

  • actively

  • this is

  • in different way

  • and we did since jason balanced and fair four-year-old archie another god quickly became a part of

  • her daily life and eventually became a part of her family's life through

  • i think that

  • god knows who he puts on children and family off-key honor describes the idea is vividly

  • educated

  • had looks

  • and pull like his here

  • he's these

  • really mask is really strong and being

  • spy is

  • just kidding

  • here

  • for telling stop enter our core

  • only a few months ago she decided to learn the piano

  • all right

  • and is now

  • already composing her own music

  • but it is art painting that truly captures the incredible spirituality of this year on

  • girls

  • revisions teeny

  • pactel is like

  • he's explain himself

  • in what he does his well

  • she is his self taught me

  • and as she grows older

  • her paintings grow more expressive

  • more colorful

  • more complex

  • who armed only with a brush and something's is determined to capture the essence of her

  • faith

  • and hopefully

  • along the way

  • inspired others the field for the same way

  • will simply

self-taught artist who says there is very simple cms from a bomb


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B1 中級 美國腔

一個女孩的天才--Akiane Kramarik。 (少女の天才-Akiane Kramarik)

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    Joseph Huang 發佈於 2021 年 01 月 14 日