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  • What are we hearing coming out of the building right now about the way they're looking at this thing, short term and long, short term?


  • Look, it's gonna be hurts, as they announced yesterday, and it was not a hard decision.


  • Obviously, they looked a lot better in a lot different on Sunday with hurts than they have at any point recently with went.


  • So they're trying to win games.


  • They're not out of it yet in the NFC East, and they wanted a spark and he gave them one.


  • So that's the short term answer.


  • And unless he's awful or gets injured, I would imagine he starts the rest of the year.


  • Long term boy.


  • Oh, boy, we've been talking about this for a while.


  • Carson wants his contract does lock him in very difficult contract to escape, even via trade, because you have to get somebody to take on big money for a guy who's been struggling a lot of questions going into the offseason about whence his future there about Doug Peterson's future there.


  • If everyone comes back next year, do you have a competition between whence and hurts on?


  • Then end up paying potentially Carson Wentz starter money to be your backup, a lot to sort out at that position for the Eagles.


  • But right now, short term, they're trying to win games.


  • They think Jalen Hurts gives them the best chance based on what they saw Sunday, E didn't think he threw it great.

    他們認為Jalen Hurts給了他們最好的機會,基於他們週日看到的情況,E不認為他扔得很好。

  • They didn't ask him to.


  • A lot of his throws were at or near the line of scrimmage, and it was very pedestrian.


  • But his presence in the backfield in the way he uses his legs, will make everyone else on the offense better at this point in time.


  • All right, so I go.


  • So I always love to get your You have, Ah, great knack of sort of encapsulating the entire situation.

    所以,我總是喜歡得到你的 你有,啊,偉大的訣竅 排序概括整個情況。

  • How would you put into your words what we have right now in Philadelphia with whence with hurts and everything else?


  • Jalen Hurts is the fly in the ointment in Philly, and I know the conversation has been going on about what the future will look like.


  • But the future don't have no damn staple right now.


  • When you look at what Carson Wentz is done and how he's played, and then you put Jalen hurts up against who was the number one defense in the league, and he plays and performs at a high level and create some things.


  • Listen, G.


  • This is the second time now we're having this conversation in Philly about a backup quarterback coming in and operating in this offense better since Carson Wentz M V P year.

    這已經是我們第二次在費城進行這種對話了,自從卡森-溫茨M V P年以來,一個備份四分衛進來並在這個進攻中更好地操作。

  • So there's an issue, and look, we can try to hide it and we talk about the money, and that's justifiably so.


  • We all know that when you have a have a player on your team that's making a crazy amount of money, the responsibility goes to seeing if he can play or recreate that.


  • Everybody knows that.


  • But I'm telling you right now, based on Jalen Hurts, history, the things that he's been through, the jobs that have been taken away from him and ability to bounce back, this is not going to be easy for Carson Wentz to just come back and immediately think he's going to be the starter once they get into the offseason.


  • Jalen Hurts is literally planted in the conversation for being the Philadelphia Eagles starter, moving forward the fly in the ointment G and they did not playing on this happened it I hear you and listen that figures to be the most interesting team to follow through the rest of the season and into the media part of the offseason.


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What are we hearing coming out of the building right now about the way they're looking at this thing, short term and long, short term?



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