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  • Everybody knows what a fish is true A fish is a fish is a fish What's new?

    大家都知道什麼是魚是真的 魚就是魚就是魚 有什麼新鮮事?

  • Well, if you think you know everything there is to know about fish, there may be Listen to this Fish could be huge Fish could retired Fish could be bright or dull or shiny Fish can have a trick They've perfected skills and looks that are unexpected Fish could be fat Fish could be flat Fish could be happy in all kinds of habitat There's tissue rivers end in the sea Come and be a fish with fish Fish fish as catfish fish guppies and go fish on this young and old fish Pink and green and blue and brown fish way Come and way fish with me Way Give flat Balfe in some way Not tails and everything Okay, I'm gonna be a puffer fish puff out my chest Look at my spikes likes Be wary because I'm poisonous apps.

    如果你認為你知道關於魚的一切的話可能有 聽聽這個 魚兒可能是巨大的 魚兒可能是退休的 魚兒可能是明亮的或暗淡的或閃亮的 魚兒可能有一個技巧 它們已經完善了技能和長相,出乎意料 魚兒可能是胖的 魚兒可能是平的 魚兒可能在各種棲息地都很快樂有組織的河流在海的盡頭 來吧,是魚與魚 魚魚作為鯰魚魚guppies和去魚對這個年輕和老魚粉紅色和綠色和藍色和棕色的魚方式來和方式與我魚方式給平巴爾夫在某種程度上不是尾巴和一切好。我要做一條河豚 吐出我的胸膛 看著我的尖刺 喜歡要小心 因為我是有毒的應用程序。

  • Carrie!


  • Hey, Other seahorse of a horsey fish.


  • Not a horse, of course, on the dad and I'm carrying the X.


  • If I was a horse, I'd have four legs.


  • I'm a salmon, I'm swimming upstream.


  • I'm living a dream jumping up waterfalls looking for everyday Can't wait to find my perfect mate Boy of a boat skipper.


  • I'm happy on the land and I use my flippers for walking a jump Bigots keeping about But I could breathe if I don't try out fish, fish, fish There's catfish, fish, guppies and goldfish Dixie upon this young and old fish fish says pink and green and blue and brown fish fish come and way by tales and everything.

    我在陸地上很快樂 我用我的腳蹼走路 跳一跳 但我可以呼吸 如果我不嘗試魚 魚 魚 魚 有鯰魚 魚 豚魚和金魚 迪克西在這個年輕的和老魚 魚說粉紅色 綠色 藍色和棕色 魚來來往往的故事和一切。

  • You okay?


  • 12 me fish with me.


  • Oh, okay.


  • Yeah.


Everybody knows what a fish is true A fish is a fish is a fish What's new?

大家都知道什麼是魚是真的 魚就是魚就是魚 有什麼新鮮事?

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