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  • Senate on Friday passed the annual National Defense Authorization Act, or N.


  • D A $740 billion bill setting policy for the Department of Defense.

    D 一項價值7400億美元的法案,為國防部制定政策。

  • The Senate's 84 to 13 votes, which had a margin large enough to overcome President Donald Trump's promised veto, was a rare break between Republicans in Congress and the White House, and the conference report has agreed to the Senate Passage sends it to Trump's desk weeks before he leaves office.


  • Backers hope strong bipartisan support will prompt Trump to reconsider his threat to veto the bill, which has become law for 59 straight years.


  • But the White House said Trump's position had not changed.


  • He'll have 10 days minus Sundays to veto, sign or allow it to become law without his signature.


  • Trump objects to the India because it does not repeal Section 2 30 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects large technology companies from liability for what appears on their platforms.

    特朗普反對印度,因為它沒有廢除通信體面法第2 30條,該條保護大型技術公司對其平臺上出現的內容負責。

  • Trump also wants to block an N D, a provision stripping the names of Confederate generals from military bases.

    特朗普還想阻止一項N D,即從軍事基地中剝離邦聯將軍姓名的條款。

  • Trump's threats frustrated lawmakers from both parties, who said the tech measure has nothing to do with the fence.


  • They also said Trump's concerns about social media should not kill legislation considered essential for the Pentagon.


the U.


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參議院支持國防法案,不顧特朗普的否決威脅。 (Senate backs defense bill, defying Trump veto threat)

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