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  • 2020 has not been a kind year.  

  • It's been a year that preyed  on the weak and the sick

  • A year that claimed lives and tested trust.

  • A year filled with division and upended by chaos

  • It's been a year dominated by staggering  loss of life across the world

  • But it's a world still filled with couragecompassion and heart.

  • Pandemics occurThey have always occurred, and they will occur.

  • It would be really shameful if we don't  learn from what we've been through

  • Amidst tragedy we learned that we know  how to put others before ourselves

  • Despite resistance,  despite pushback, we persisted. This is a world of resilience,  a world propelled by the belief that  overcoming the impossible is in fact possible.

  • With the inspiration of innovation, we were  once again reminded that nothing is out of reach and that we should shoot for the stars.

  • Faced with a kind of viral enemy the world hasn't known for generations, we witnessed every day the true meaning of what it is to be a hero. Society reckoned with inequality, and people took to the streets and used their ballots to make their voices heard

  • Let's stop thinking that our  voice don't matter and vote

  • Heroes have walked among and will again.

  • Records were shattered, and barriers were broken

  • While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last

  • We imagine a tomorrow filled unity, not division.

  • A tomorrow that delivers equality, long overdue.

  • A tomorrow galvanized to tackle the world's great challenges.

  • 2020 upended norms and our understanding of normal. It was a year no one could predict

  • But we've endured hard years before. We've endured tragedy before

  • We emerged from those years stronger, wiser, better and so it will be with this year too.

2020 has not been a kind year.  


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2020:一年回顧 (2020: A Year in Review)

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